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Product guides and tips

Product guides

Buying a stroller for you newborn - this is what you need

Stroller buyer’s guide

Buying a stroller? In this guide we help you find the perfect one for your family
How to pick the best jogging stroller for you and your child

Jogging stroller buyer’s guide

In this guide, we’ll teach you all you need to know about jogging strollers
The Best Baby Outdoor Gear for Active Families

Bike trailer buyer’s guide

In this guide you’ll learn all there is to know about the different types of kids’ bike trailers
A close-up of a person loading their skis into a Thule ski box.

Cargo box buyer’s guide

Learn all there is to know about roof boxes and rear cargo boxes
How to choose a hiking or backpacking pack

Backpack buyer’s guide

Everything you need to know about hiking backpack sizes, hydration backpacks, and more
Roof racks

Roof rack buyer's guide

In this guide, we answer all your pressing roof rack questions.
How to choose the best child bike seat for your family

Child bike seat buyer's guide

Learn more about the different types of child bike seats and find the best one for you
Find the best kayak roof racks for your car

Kayak rack buyer's guide

Learn all there is to know about kayak, canoe, SUP, and surfboard racks.
How Do Rooftop Tents Work? – A Complete Guide

Rooftop tent buyer’s guide

Which rooftop tent is best for you? And how do you make sure it fits your car? We answer these questions and more!
How to pick the  best bike rack for you

Bike rack buyer’s guide

A guide to selecting the proper bike rack for your vehicle, number of bikes and bike styles


Two students stand in a sunny place with palm trees carrying Thule Enroute backpacks.

Back to school favorites

Thule has all the back-to-school and back-to-work bags you need!
A man and a woman with Thule Subterra backpacks talk on benches outside.

Backpack parts explained – straps, loops and more!

What are the loops on my backpack for? And what do the backpack straps do? We explain all the insanely useful backpack parts you didn't know about!
Close-up of a gray Thule AllTrail hiking backpack on the grass.

How to wash a backpack: the ultimate guide

Want to clean your backpack but not sure how? Follow our guide on how to clean a backpack and your pack will look brand new in no time!
How to plan an RV trip - A checklist

How to plan a vanlife road trip – a checklist

Getting ready for a long vacation in your van is made easy with our list of essentials!
How to equip your stroller for a long day in the city

What stroller accessories do I need?

Finding the right stroller accessories can help make a long day out easier!
How to pack for your family bike vacation

How to pack for your family bike vacation

Packing for a family bike vacation can be an ordeal! But our guide will help simplify the process.
How to choose a hydration pack

How to choose a hydration pack

There are lots of options when it comes to hydration packs, so let’s look at how to pick the right one for you!
How to pack for a MTB adventure

How and what to pack for a MTB adventure - a checklist

Check out our list of some essentials that will help you make the most of your time on the mountain biking trail!
How to pick the best jogging stroller for you and your child

How to pick the best jogging stroller for you and your child

A guide to choose the right jogging stroller for you and your family
Wind in hair mom walking with stroller Thule Urban Glide 2 Majolica Blue

Find the right one for you!

Strollers for your lifestyle
A man is riding a bike with a Thule bike backpack, checking his watch.

9 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise into a Busy Schedule

Making time for exercise can be challenging when you have a packed everyday routine. Here are some tips to help you squeeze a workout into your busy week!
An image of the Hamburg skyline with the river, church and concert hall.

What can you do in Hamburg with kids?

Family ambassador Nadine Ratajczyk lives in Hamburg with her husband and four sons. Read her favorite activities to do in Hamburg with kids of all ages.
Olesia Anisimovich and her daughter sit on a stoop in New York City.

The best outdoor activities in NYC to do with kids

There are loads of outdoor activities to do in NYC. Health coach and yoga teacher Olesia Anisimovich shares her favorite kids' activities to do in the big apple.
Xavier De Le Rue attaches his winter MTB bike to a Thule bike rack with snowy mountains in the background.

10 outdoor winter activities you have to try this year

Here are 10 exciting outdoor winter activities recommended by professional skiers and snowboarders, from beginner activities to extreme winter sports.
Two skiers stand on the top of a mountain with their Thule ski backpacks and ski gear.

Best ski resorts in the world (according to athletes)

We interviewed international ski champions and athletes for the best places to ski in the world – here are their responses!
A close-up of a skier opening their Thule rooftop cargo carrier in a forest at sunset.

10 awesome gifts for skiers (according to the pros!)

Know someone who would rather wear ski boots than sandals any time of the year? Listen to the pros and find some great gifts for skiers!
Lorenzo Alesi skis down the steep slope at Rogers Pass in Canada.

The best places to go skiing in Scandinavia

We asked two professional Scandinavian skiers for their favorite places to go skiing in Norway, Sweden (and even Denmark!)
A skier skis down the steep slopes at Verbier, Switzerland at dawn, with rugged peaks in the background.

The best ski resorts in Switzerland and Austria

We asked international ski champions and athletes for their favorite ski destinations – here are their responses!
In a snowy landscape a woman talks to a man who stands with a Thule ski boot backpack and skis.

Ski trip packing list – all the ski essentials you’ll need!

Whether you’re hitting the slopes with friends or going on an extreme backcountry skiing adventure – here are all the ski essentials you’ll need.
Lorenzo Alesi skiing in front of his electric motorbike with a Thule ski backpack.

Eco skiing: How do you ski sustainably?

Skiers Alice Linari and Lorenzo Alesi went on the most eco-friendly ski journey possible. Here are their biggest takeaways.
A mountain biker with his hydration pack Thule Rail Hip Pack rides his mtb bike in a forest.

19 awesome gifts for cyclists in (according to the pros!)

Have a cyclist in your life but no clue what to get them? Take it from the pros: here are 19 awesome gifts for cyclists.
A woman walks through the snow with a Thule RoundTrip ski travel bag.

26 awesome outdoor gifts for (according to the pros!)

Find the perfect gifts for outdoorsmen and women. We’ve gathered a list of awesome outdoor gifts for!
A man parks his bike by a train station wearing a Thule Paramount backpack.

11 easy ways to boost productivity on your commute to work

Make the most of your commute to work! Here are 11 fun and productive things to do when you're commuting to work.
University students with Thule Backpacks.

Starting university? Here are 22 tips for students!

Nervous about starting university? Don’t worry! We’ve interviewed students from across the globe for their top university tips! Hint: everything is going to be okay.
Hiking vs Trekking - What is the difference?

Hiking vs trekking what is the difference?

Are you going on a hike or a trek? We settle the differences once and for all!
Bike Camping - Tips for Beginners

Bike camping - tips for beginners

Bikepacking is a terrific way to explore new places. Load your bike and head out on a camping trip with these tips!
Camping with kids

Camping with kids: tips from an active family

Family life ambassadors Aktivt Familjeliv share their tips for camping with kids.
How to Paddle Board - SUP Tips for Beginners

How to paddle board – SUP tips for beginners

Get out on the water with these simple tips on how to stand up paddle board!
The Best Baby Outdoor Gear for Active Families

The best baby outdoor gear for active families

Whether you need baby gear for camping, a bike expedition, or a hike, these essentials will simplify outdoor adventures with your little one!
Portpartum exercise - 7 Workouts to try after birth

Postpartum exercise – 7 workouts to try after birth

When is it safe to start exercising postpartum? And which workouts are good to do after birth? Read our tips to learn more.
Kayaking for beginners

Kayaking for beginners

Get out on the water with the help of our tips and tricks!
5 Best destinations for cycling and road biking

5 best destinations for cycling and road biking

The quest for that perfect stretch of road is something that every road cyclist can relate to. Whatever your preference, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite road rides to help you plan your next sufferfest.
Best MTB trails in North America South America and Europe

Best MTB trails in North America, South America and Europe

Looking for some beautiful new mountain bike trails to put your skills to the test? These unique destinations all over the world will challenge and inspire you!
4 Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easier for You

4 ways to make bike commuting easier for you

Bike commuting has so many benefits! Read our guide to help make your switch to two wheels easier.
Biking vs Running? You Don’t Have to Choose!

Biking vs Running? You don’t have to choose!

Biking and running with your kids is easy with these simple tips and tricks!
Family Biking – All you need for your next cycling adventure together

Family biking – all you need for your next cycling adventure together

Cycling with kids is always an adventure! This guide helps make that adventure as smooth as possible.
Mountain biking for beginners - 5 tips to get started

Mountain biking for beginners – 5 tips to get started

So you want to start mountain biking? Check out our MTB tips to help you get out there with confidence!
7 beautiful bike tours for ebikes

7 beautiful bike tours for ebikes

We’ve chosen 7 beautiful destinations for your next ebike adventure!
Get ready for your road bike adventures

The best bike roads - find your next adventure!

The roads are waiting, your bike is ready – time to get going!
Jogging with your baby

Jogging with baby

7 tips on jogging with a running stroller