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A woman walks through the snow with a Thule RoundTrip ski travel bag.

26 Awesome outdoor gifts for 2022 (according to the pros!)

Find the perfect gifts for outdoorsmen and women. We’ve gathered a list of awesome outdoor gifts for 2022!

Did we mention that we’ve partnered up with some of the worlds’ most daring outdoor adventurers? Our crew includes Maria Kuzma, professional snowboard freerider, Apa Sherpa, Mount Everest mountain guide, Garrett McNamara, a big wave surfer with a Guiness World Record for surfing the largest wave ever surfed – and many more!

They’ve helped put our gear to the test to make sure you can depend on it no matter where in the world you are.

So, if you need some outdoor gifts that the adventurer in your life will be proud to call their own, don’t go anywhere.

In this article we cover:

The best gifts for outdoor lovers according to the pros

“The Thule Chariot Cross is great for bringing a family with small children. Any product that gives no limits on an active life must be the best gift you can give. The Thule Chariot Cross gave our children a home away from home. Their own place to hang out, sleep and see the world.”

Anja Pärson
World ski champion and Olympic medalist

"The Thule Hull-a-Port Aero is a great show of love, friendship and compassion for your friend and a direct invitation to go and enjoy the outdoors! The Thule Hull-a-Port Aero provides you with a quick, safe and easy system to transport your kayak whether it's a long kayak for big sailings or shorter ones to tackle the rapids.”

Pedro Oliva
Whitewater kayak adventurer

"With the Thule Subterra 30L backpack I can bring my whole office – a laptop, ipad and all the peripherals to setup my workspace wherever I am. I can also pack up my office and take the bag out and still look great with its clean lines and Swedish design aesthetic.”

Maria Kuzma
Snowboard freerider and architect

“I would give the Thule Chasm duffel 70L. You can throw so much stuff in there, everything you need for riding and relaxing afterwards, which is great for bikers as we always carry a lot of gear around.”

Simon Johansson
Freeride mountain biker

Gifts for hikers

Rooftop tents

In a forest, two people sit on camp chairs beside their Thule Tepui Ayer rooftop tent.

Why they’re a great gift:

Even the camping lover who has everything probably doesn’t have a rooftop tent – yet.

These tents are attached to the roof racks of your car and are super comfortable thanks to a built-in mattress and level floor. They’re also super easy to set up. Basically, all you need to do is unfold them.

Rooftop tents are an especially great gift for the rugged adventurer who likes to travel in all seasons since these tents can be used year-round!

They’re also made with ultra-durable materials, perfect for overlanders and adventurous campers who like to go to remote places with harsh weather conditions.

Of course, since these tents are comfortable, the larger sizes are also popular for relaxed camping trips with the family.

Multi-day hiking backpacks

Why they’re a great gift:

All hiking enthusiasts deserve a high-quality backpack that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear – and keep you cool and comfortable during the hike. So you can never go wrong with a hiking backpack.

Hiking backpacks are built to lighten the load on your shoulders and back thanks to sternum straps and hip belts. They also have padded, breathable back panels and shoulder straps so that you don’t get too hot and bothered on the trail.

Some large hiking backpacks have an adjustable back panel so that the hiking backpack fits the hiker perfectly and makes for an even more comfortable hike. They also come with a pocket for a hydration reservoir, to keep you hydrated on the trail.

If you’re choosing a technical hiking backpack for your friend or family member, it might be good to check with them to make sure you get the right size.

Overnight backpacks

Why they’re a great gift:

These backpacks are smaller than multi-day packs, usually at around 40-50 liters. These could be a great gift if your hiking friend enjoys shorter hikes.

Like multi-day backpacks, they’re constructed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and are designed to make sure that the hike is comfortable all the way through.

Hiking Daypacks

Why they’re a great gift:

Well, they’re great because if your hiking friend already has a multi-day hiking backpack that they love, you can add to their collection by giving them a lighter, smaller hiking daypack that they can use on their shorter journeys.

Because no one wants to lug a 70L backpack on a day trip now do they?

Hiking daypacks are designed to be a comfortable carry for all kinds of terrain since they also have a sternum strap, hip belt and a breathable back panel.

They’re also made of durable, weather-resistant material and have handy pockets for water bottles and other essentials.

Camera backpacks

Why they’re a great gift:

If your outdoorsy pal is anything like our outdoorsy pals, then they might also love capturing the nature they explore on camera.

For this type of outdoorsy person, a camera backpack or camera pocket to attach to a hiking backpack is a great idea.

These camera backpacks are built with durable material – perfect for outdoor conditions – but also have a smart design that makes it easy to store and use your camera, GoPro, drone or other devices.

Gifts for outdoorsy people who love to travel

Two people look into the distance holding Thule Chasm duffel bags and check in luggage.

Backpack with a detachable daypack

Why they’re a great gift:

If the outdoorsy person in question loves to experience nature in new and exciting places abroad, a travel backpack with a daypack attached could be a great gift for them.

These backpacker packs have a detachable daypack which can be used on the days you’re not heading to a new destination.

They also come with a laptop compartment and other pockets to protect valuables like phones, passports and electronics when you’re on your travels.

Duffel bags

Why they’re a great gift:

Duffel bags are popular with outdoorsmen and women because of their ultra-durable, weather resistant material and rugged style.

They come in a variety of sizes and are easy to pack inside the trunk of your car or in a cargo box. On top of that, Thule duffel bags also can be converted into a backpack if you want that carrying option between destinations.

An outdoor lover will appreciate a rough-and-ready bag that they can depend on for every adventure.

Outdoorsy suitcase

Why they’re a great gift:

Okay, well, “outdoorsy suitcase” might not be the technical term. But you get the idea.

This is a suitcase that is designed to fit as carry-on or checked luggage, can be rolled easily through the airport terminal and is built to endure outdoor adventures. Now that’s the kind of gift that our outdoors friends would love to get. And yours will, too!

These rugged suitcases are durable and weather resistant. They’re also designed to absorb the impact of travel thanks to a molded polycarbonate back panel.

Gifts for skiers and snowboarders

A skier skis down the slopes in full speed with a Thule Upslope on a sunny day.

Ski & snowboard backpacks

Why they’re a great gift:

If the outdoorsy person in question loves hitting the slopes, a ski or snowboard bag is a great gift that they can use on all their snowy adventures.

These backpacks are designed to carry a helmet, water bottles, goggles, gloves, skis and ski poles. These backpacks also have an insulated hydration sleeve so you can add a hydration reservoir without it freezing

For extreme skiers who love to go off-piste, the Thule Upslope 25L and Thule Upslope 35L backpacks even have avalanche-ready airbags which increase safety. This is perfect for skiers who love to test their limits off the beaten track.

Ski boot bags

Why they’re a great gift:

These ski bags are a big hit with skiers. They can store your ski boots and come with a standing mat so that your feet don’t get wet when you change shoes.

They can also store a helmet, goggles and other snow-sport essentials.

The snow lovers in your life will be thrilled to have a bag that they can bring on every snowy adventure that keeps all their gear organized and never lets them down.

Ski travel bags

Why they’re a great gift:

Ski travel bags are a super easy way for the skier in your life to bring their skis around from country to country.

These rolling ski bags come with wheels so that you can simply glide around the airport with ease. They also make sure that your skis are protected with the help of a padded divider and two cinch top ski sleeves.

Serious skiers won’t want to get their favorite skis damaged, so a high-quality ski travel bag is a perfect gift.

Gifts for RV owners and vanlife enthusiasts

On a lush, green mountain a van is parked and a couple chat under the van awning.

Motorhome storage

Why they’re a great gift:

Does your friend or family member have a van, RV or caravan? Then they’ll probably appreciate having a place to store toiletries, shoes, clothes or other things.

Caravans, RVs and vans are notoriously cluttered. So an organizer or storage container can be just the trick to help get things in order.

RV bike rack

Why they’re a great gift:

Most vanlife enthusiasts or RV owners might like a convenient way to bring their favorite bikes on all their adventures. If you know that the outdoorsy people in question loves their motorhome and have some bikes knocking around, an RV or van bike rack is a great gift.

These bike racks are designed to handle tremendous force. Some models can carry several bikes of various frame styles and sizes.

This is the kind of gift that your outdoorsy friend will be able to use on all the vanlife, RV or motorhome adventures to come!

Gifts for water sports fans

A close-up of a woman grabbing her surfboard from a Thule surfboard rack.

Water sports racks

Why they’re a great gift:

For water sports fans, help make it easier for them to transport their favorite kayak or SUP board. These water sport carriers are mounted to the roof racks of your car and are a secure and easy way to bring your favorite boat or board everywhere.

These water sports racks are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. How do we know this? Well, we’ve tested them to the extreme at the Thule Test Center, that’s why.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of gift. Partly because it’s not something you’d expect, but also because the durability of these racks means you’ll only need to receive them once.

Gifts for outdoorsy families

A woman carrier her child in a Thule Sapling child carrier backpack.

Child carrier backpacks

Why they’re a great gift:

For the outdoorsy parent that loves to go on hikes, there is no better gift than a child carrier backpack. These backpacks are designed for long hikes and make sure both the parent and child are comfortable.

This is thanks to the adjustable torso and hip belt which means you can make sure the backpack has the perfect fit – and switch between parents if necessary.

The hip belt ensures that most of the weight is being carried by your hips, rather than just your shoulders and back. This makes it way more comfortable to use over long distances, compared to a baby carrier or baby sling.

The Thule Sapling child carrier has an ErgoRide child seat, which gives your child extra leg support so that they’ll be super comfortable on longer hikes, too.

It also has a ventilated back panel and is fully detachable and machine washable (which after 6 hours of munching on snacks and drooling during naps is a highly necessary feature).

If the friend in question already has one – why not get them an accessory? The sling pack gives you extra packing space, and the rain cover protects their child from wind, rain and snow for year-round hikes!

Cargo boxes

Why they’re a great gift:

A big family will always appreciate more space in their car. A cargo box is perfect for strollers, skis, groceries, or packing when you’re going on a trip.

Cargo boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Roof cargo boxes attach to your roof racks, while rear cargo carriers attach to your towbar or hitch receiver.

These are durable gifts that are designed to last for a long time. It’s one of those gifts that you can guarantee your outdoorsy friend or family member is going to be using for a long time. And those are the best kinds of gifts, right?

Jogging strollers

Why they’re a great gift:

Active parents love doing things with their kids – and jogging is no exception! For the active, outdoor-loving parent in your life, a jogging stroller is a premium gift that they’ll appreciate on every jog. These jogging strollers are built for all kids of terrains and have adjustable handlebars to ensure that it’s comfortable to use for parents of all heights.

For the child, the seat is comfortable and ventilated. The stroller also has suspension to make sure the ride is not too bumpy, so that they can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

You can start jogging with your child from 6 months and up, but it is recommended to check with a pediatrician before getting started with kids under the age of 1.

Whether you have a partner, friend or family member that loves to go for a jog – letting them share this passion with their child is a truly special gift.

Multisport bike trailers

Why they’re a great gift:

Does your outdoorsy friend or family member love all kinds of sports? If they do, then they’ll probably love sharing this passion with their kids. With a multisport bike trailer, they can bring their children on every adventure.

Multisport trailers are perfect for jogging, biking and even skiing with your kids! On slower days, you can also use the trailers as strollers to pop to the grocery store or head to the park.

Kids can ride in the bike trailers from the age of 6 months until they weigh about 22kg/48lbs.

Child bike seats

Why they’re a great gift:

If your outdoorsy pal is a cycling fan and a parent, why not get them a child bike seat? What’s great about this gift is that it can be used for long biking expeditions or on the daily commute.

Front child bike seats can be used for kids from the age of 9 months to 3 years old (but make sure to consult with a pediatrician if the child is under 1 year). The rear child bike seats can be used for kids from age 9 months to 6 years.

Thule child bike seats are made of sturdy material and can adjust to the size of your child as they grow older. They’re also easy to clean if your child makes a mess!

Gifts for cyclists

Two people bike through a leafy, green bike path with Thule Shield Panniers.

Bike gear bag

Why they’re a great gift:

Any cycling enthusiast is bound to thank you for a super handy bike gear bag.

The Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel is a popular bag among cyclists. It is designed to organize all your cycling gear, from coordinating kits to helmets, from tools to snacks!

Also, these bags have shoe compartments that are easy to clean and a specific pocket for dirty laundry. Perfect if you’re working up a sweat on your bike a need a place for smelly clothing.

A cyclist who is passionate about their professional gear will also appreciate a professional bag to organize and protect their stuff.

Shield panniers

Why they’re a great gift:

Bike panniers are bags that attach to the front or rear bike rack. They are great for bike camping and longer bike trips.

But it’s the versatility of these bags that make them such a great gift. Even on a day of rest these panniers come in handy to load shopping from the grocery store or bring things to work.

Thule Shield Panniers are super easy to take off and put back on your bike. Which is great when you need to take them indoors at the end of the day.

They’re also waterproof, which means you can bike through the rain without having to worry about all your things.

Hydration packs

Why they’re a great gift:

Hydration packs are popular with hikers, mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders. They let you stay hydrated without having to slow down or miss a beat.

A hydration pack is a great way to stay hydrated on the trail and come with extra pockets for protein bars or other snacks.

Thule hydration packs are designed to reduce muscle strain and improve bike handling. All the packs are constructed with a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution so that you’re not weighed down.

Also, the hose of Thule hydration packs automatically returns to the original position thanks to a magnetic design. So you don’t need to fiddle to put the hose back in place.

If you still need convincing, hydration packs come in a range of styles, prize ranges and sizes, with different packs designed specifically to fit women, men, and kids.

Outdoor gifts if you’re on a budget

Two people walk in the mountains with the hiking backpack Thule Alltrail X.

Backpack rain cover

Why they’re a great gift:

These backpack covers are made of a waterproof material that guarantees your 15-30L backpack will stay dry in all kinds of weather. It also comes in a stuff sack so that it doesn’t take up too much room in your packing.

It’s a great professional accessory for hiking lovers in your life, even if you’re on a budget.

Toiletry bags

Why they’re a great gift:

A toiletry bag can be a great little accessory for all kinds of adventures. Whether you’re headed on a backpacking trip across a new continent, or a roadtrip in your van, it’s always a good idea to have all your toiletries neatly organized in one place.

These bags can be hung up and fully opened to reveal everything inside. This lets you quickly identify and access your things while brushing your teeth or getting ready in the morning.

A toiletry bag that is water-resistant and designed for maximum organization is the perfect addition to any long outdoor expedition.

Travel kits

Why they’re a great gift:

A travel kit is a great way to organize any important cords, chargers, USBs or other gadgets that could get tangled or destroyed in your packing. These travel kits are compact so that they won’t take up much room.

For an outdoorsy person that loves to explore new places, this could be a great addition to their gear.

Packing cubes

Why they’re a great gift:

If you have any avid backpackers in your life, you’ll know that they fixate on packing light and packing smart.

Well, when it comes to packing smart, nothing is smarter than using packing cubes – yes, even in a hiking backpack!

These packing cubes eliminate excess air between your clothes to become the smallest, most compressed size possible. This ensures that your clothes don’t take up too much space in your backpack.

They’re also made of a water-repellent and stain-resistant material that is ideal for all kinds of adventures.

If you’re on a budget, you can help make their packing a little easier with these nifty packing cubes.

Hopefully you’ve found outdoor gifts that are suited to the outdoorsman or woman in your life.

Whether they have a passion for road cycling, or whitewater kayaking – they’ll appreciate durable gear that they can use on all their adventures to come!

Athletes in this article

Anja Pärson is a Swedish world champion skier with 25 Olympic and World Championship medals under her belt. She now spends her time living an active life with her family. You can check her out on Instagram.

Pedro Oliva is a whitewater kayak adventurer from Brazil who has braved everything from the remote rivers of Papua New Guinea to the massive glaciers of Antarctica. Check out what he’s up to on Instagram.

Maria Kuzma is a snowboard freeriding architect. One of her passion projects is Recycle+Build, which builds sustainable, low-incoming housing in Brazil. Find out more about her on Instagram.

Simon Johansson is a Swedish freeride mountain biker who has been riding alongside other MTB greats, like Martin Söderström. Johansson shows off his slopestyle tricks in “The Old World”, a movie about Europe’s diverse bike culture. You can also check him out on Instagram.

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