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How to spot and report counterfeit Thule products

At Thule, we pride ourselves in designing great products that are safe, high-quality, easy to use, and built to last. Our recognizable design language is present across all Thule products, regardless of product category. This unique brand identity is crucial to us.

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent actors out there trying to impersonate our products. Even if a product looks like a Thule design, if it’s a fake, it will not have the heavy-duty construction or rigorous testing standards of a Thule product.

Here are some clues that a product might be fake…

  • The product appears to be of poor quality
  • The website where the product is being sold seems illegitimate. Use scam checker tools online to verify the website URL
  • The product is being promoted by a social media account that seems illegitimate
  • The product is being advertised with a promotion that seems too good to be true
  • The product is not a Thule product, but it has the Thule logo on it
  • The product has the incorrect Thule logo

Unfortunately, we cannot combat fakes alone – we need your help! If you have encountered a fake Thule product, email us right away at ipr@thule.com.

Our official channels and retailers

The best way to ensure that your Thule product is real is to buy from our authorized resellers. For examples of official stores that live up to the Thule standard, check out our list of retailers on our dealer locator page.

All official Thule website URLs start with the following domain:


We are also present on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram,and YouTube. Our official social media handles include:


All official Thule store accounts feature the Thule Store logo and the handle with both “thulestore” followed by the city name in the social media handle. For example:

@thulestorestockholm, @thulestorebucharest.

Screenshot of an official Thule Store account on Instagram with a black Thule logo and Store written beside it.


Thule (all local feeds are connected to this account)



What happens if you have already purchased a fake Thule product?

Unfortunately, if you have purchased a fake Thule product, it is not covered by our Thule guarantee. This is because we cannot ensure that it lives up to the durability of a real Thule product.