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A woman laughs with her baby inside one of our best strollers for city strolling.

What is the best stroller for your lifestyle?

Buying a stroller? In this stroller buying guide, we help you navigate the different types of strollers so that you can find the best one for you!

At Thule, there are four different types of strollers, with their own distinct advantages. Here is a breakdown of the different models:

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Jogging and all-terrain strollers

These jogging and all-terrain strollers are designed to help you go jogging with your kids. Their sturdy design makes them ready for all kinds of terrain and weather, both for the city and in nature.

Great for parents who...

...want to use a stroller on all kinds of tough terrain, in the snow, a forest trail, cobble stones etc. They’re also great for parents who enjoy going for a run with their kids.

Features to look out for in a jogging or all-terrain stroller:

  • A fixed front wheel for increased maneuverability when jogging
  • Large wheels
  • Integrated twist hand brake that provides speed control on hilly terrain
  • Suspension that provides a smooth ride for both parent and child
A woman runs down a mountain path with one of the best strollers for running
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In a park, a father tends to his child inside one of the best strollers for all terrain strolling.
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The best all-terrain and jogging strollers

All-terrain strollers we recommend

Thule Urban Glide (comes in single, double version, and 4-wheel version) where the newest version of this stroller is the Thule Urban Glide 3 and the older version is called Thule Urban Glide 2.

We also have jogging strollers called Thule Glide 2 and the updated Thule Glide 3.

What is the difference between Thule Urban Glide and Thule Glide?

Thule Glide is designed specifically for running and helps athletic parents perform at the highest level thanks to its larger wheels and super lightweight design. It provides plenty of room for your kick stride and locked front wheel for running.

Thule Urban Glide is a versatile stroller for everyday life, designed to help parents easily stroll on rough terrain. The swivel front wheel for strolling that easily locks in place for easy maneuverability in town. This stroller also has a bassinet available for newborns and comes in a double version for two kids.

What is the difference between Thule Urban Glide 2 and Thule Urban Glide 3?

Thule Urban Glide 2 is our original all-terrain stroller with one-hand compact fold for easy transport on the go and large 16’’ air-filled tires for superior suspension.

Thule Urban Glide 3 has all the much-loved all-terrain features of the original, but with more of a focus on your child’s comfort. The full-coverage canopy, adjustable recline and built-in leg rest guarantees a comfortable ride. It also comes in a 4-wheeled version.

Compact strollers

These compact strollers have a small footprint and one-handed compact fold. This ensures parents can easily stroll in narrow, crowded places and that it’s easy to ride public transport.

Great for parents who...

...are living in the city or suburbs who like to explore areas downtown. Also parents who travel a lot and need a compact stroller that is easy to bring on their trips.

Useful features to look for in a compact stroller include:

  • One-hand compact fold, in other words, the ability to fold the stroller with just one hand. Once it is folded, the stroller should be a compact size for easy storage in cramped spaces.
  • A small compact footprint that allows the strollers to fit through small spaces (anywhere between 52 cm / 20 in to 60 cm / 25 in is the common size of a compact stroller).
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design so that you can easily lift the stroller up the stairs in the city if the elevator is broken!
A stroller is folded up compactly and placed in the corner of a room next to a hanger.
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A mother points up to the sky together with her child who sits in a Thule stroller.
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The best compact strollers

Compact strollers we recommend

Thule Shine, Thule Spring

What is the difference between Thule Shine and Thule Spring?

Thule Spring has the fastest one-hand fold of all Thule strollers, it has a swiveling front wheel that can be locked into a fixed position, it also has no-puncture foam filled 8,5” tires for a smooth ride on a rougher surface.

Thule Shine has a reversible seat, it has a bassinet (sold separately), large, easy-access cargo basket with high weight capacity, up to 10kg / 22lbs. It also comes with a bumper bar and rain cover, has a large, extendable canopy for full coverage and the smallest door-pass size at 52 cm / 20 in.

Combi / Full-size strollers

Full-sized strollers can be fitted with a bassinet and used together with your newborn baby. Some full-size strollers are also adjustable to accommodate as your child grows, or if you have another baby.

Great for parents who...

...need a stroller from day one, and want a stroller that adjusts as your child or family grows.

Useful features to look for in a full-size stroller include:

  • That the stroller can be expanded with an extra sibling seat if you have twins, your have another child
  • A large cargo basket that lets you bring everything you need for a big family
A woman strollers with her child in one of the best full-size strollers at Thule and her toddler on a rider board.
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The best combi strollers

Thule Sleek + bassinet, Thule Urban Glide + bassinet, Thule Shine + bassinet

Double strollers

Double strollers are designed for twins or new siblings. These strollers can accommodate a baby and a toddler.

Great for parents who...

are expecting a second child or have twins.

Useful features to look for in a double include:

  • Large cargo basket with zip-top cover that allows you to bring everything you need
  • The ability to add a bassinet so that you can stroll with a newborn and a toddler
Parents stand next to the best stroller at Thule for two kids in green.
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A close up of a woman reaching for snacks inside a Thule stroller snack holder.
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The best double strollers

Thule Sleek, Thule Urban Glide Double (can be used with one bassinet and the toddler seat)

What is a bike trailer stroller?

Some parents also use their bike trailers as a stroller. This is because bike trailers like the Thule Chariot series are just as good for strolling as they are for cycling. Once you have engaged all four wheels of the bike trailer, you can use the it to bring your kids everywhere and to load cargo. They are also designed so that it is really easy to switch between activities.

These bike trailers are available in a single and double version for up to two kids, and can be used with your baby using an additional infant sling accessory.

A man bikes with a bike trailer stroller behind his bike.
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A woman tends to a child inside a bike trailer stroller carrying a backpack.
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The best bike trailers

Thule Chariot Cross, Thule Chariot Sport, Thule Chariot Lite

Stroller accessories

Finding the best stroller accessories can help make a long day out easier! So, what stroller accessories do you need? Check out our guide below, or browse our selection of stroller accessories to see what suits you and your child best.

A woman reaches into a changing bag standing next to her stroller.
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A close up of a baby inside a stroller with a infant nest accessory inside.
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The best stroller accessories

The Thule Footmuff helps keep you baby warm in the winter. The Thule Stroller Seat Liners also are easy to throw into the washing machine when they get dirty. And our changing backpack is a great way to ensure you have everything you need for diaper changes when out and about.