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Thule Outset towbar-mounted car tent
Thule Outset towbar-mounted car tent
Thule Outset towbar-mounted car tent
Thule Outset towbar-mounted car tent
A family enjoying a peaceful camping experience with a Thule Outset car tent attached to their SUV, set up in a scenic grassy field with mountains in the background.
A serene lakeside campsite featuring a Thule Outset tent set up beside a parked SUV with a roof box. A person sits under the tent's shade, while another walks nearby with a stroller.
A mother and her child are cuddling in a Thule Outset.
A woman is mounting a Thule Outset tent on her car.
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Thule Outset

towbar-mounted car tent

3 999,95 € 3999.95 EUR
The Thule Outset towbar-mounted tent will elevate your outdoor experience and offer unparalleled comfort, ease of use, and great accessibility.

Experience the revolution in outdoor living

Elevated from the ground, Thule Outset provides a great camping environment and a hangout area free from the inconvenience of mud, bugs, or uneven terrain. The unique design allows for a swift setup at ground level, taking the effort out of your outdoor adventures.

Provides the comfort of home

With panoramic views and a spacious interior, the tent is a comfortable setting for you and your companions. Accessibility is a key feature of Thule Outset, as its low height ensures easy access for everyone, including children, seniors, and pets.

Convenience is key

Mounting the tent on your car's towbar requires only one person, simplifying the setup process. Once you have set up camp at your destination, simply detach the tent from your vehicle if you want to take a day trip with the car. The tent can be securely locked at the campsite, providing peace of mind.

A rear-of-car solution with minimal impact

With its position at the back of your car, Thule Outset is a great option if you don't want to carry anything on the roof of your vehicle or if you want to leave the roof free for other gear. Not only that, but the aerodynamic rear location of the tent means little to no impact on fuel economy or battery range.

Easy to set up
The tent is setup in minutes, simply remove the travel cover, attach the base and unfold the tent
Thule Outset
Disconnects from your vehicle
Choose to deploy the tent from your vehicle or detach it if you want to use your vehicle but keep your camp setup
Thule Outset
A comfortable hangout space
The spacious interior lets you sit up inside tent, great for comfortably hanging out with friends and family
Thule OutSet
Premium comfort
Comfortable 7cm mattress provides premium comfort and can be simply left inside the tent when you're ready to break down your camp and leave
One-person installation
Wheels on the tent allow one person to easily roll it to your vehicle and the intuitive installation system makes it easy to install on your towbar
Thule Outset
Easy access
Its low height ensures easy access for everyone, including children, seniors and pets
Stay off the ground
The elevated platform keeps you off the dirty, muddy, rocky ground
Thule Outset
A rear-of-car solution with minimal impact
The position at the back of your car makes Thule Outset a great option if you don't want to carry anything on the roof of your vehicle. Its aerodynamic position also means little to no impact on fuel economy or battery range
Thule Outset
Panoramic views and great ventilation
Large doors and windows allow lots of ventilation and panoramic views, but the windows can be partly rolled up to maintain privacy
Thule OutSet
Protection from the elements
Deployable rain cover keeps you protected from the elements
Tent locks to car or can be locked when not attached to car in camp
Thule OutSet
Keep things in order
Organize gear inside your tent with the interior pockets
Full trunk access
Tent tilts so you have access to the trunk
Thule OutSet
Travel cover keeps tent clean
Removable travel cover keeps the tent dry and free from grime on your travels

Sleeping capacity

3 person

Dimensions (Open)

264 x 144 x 178 cm

Dimensions (Closed)

144 x 74 x 90 cm

Sleeping footprint

225 x 134 cm

Peak internal height

113 cm


70 kg

Static weight capacity

300 kg

Canopy fabric

Breathable, water resistant 600D polyester ripstop




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Thule Outset full installation
Thule Outset lifestyle

Tested to the limit

At the Thule Test Center™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden, our car tents go through extremely rigorous testing before they are deemed worthy of the Thule logo. Below are just a few examples of the many tests conducted.
Explore Thule test center
A person in a weather camper holds the rain cover of a Thule car top tent.

Rain and wind tests

Our state-of-the-art rain chamber simulates torrential rain and our industrial-sized fan blows at high speeds to ensure that the tent can withstand the worst weather 
A Thule car top tent is installed on a car roof and is being tested in the test center.

Multi-axis shaker table

This test simulates a vehicle driving great distances with a car tent to ensure that the tent, car racks, and car roof all fit securely and stand the test of time 
A Thule Approach roof tent is being tested in the Thule test center.

Climate cycle test

We place a tent in a climate cycle chamber and subject it to high and low humidity, as well as extreme winter and summer temperatures to ensure that it can handle any weather 
A man is installing roof racks on a vehicle roof with a car top tent installed in the test center.

City Crash test

We conduct multiple crash tests at different speeds and weights to ensure the car tent will stay on your car at all costs

Accessories for Thule Outset