Two people sit and watch the sun set behind a bridge, they both are carrying camera and lens backpacks.

Camera backpacks

A Thule camera backpack is perfect for capturing any adventure – thanks to safe and stylish protection of your camera and gear. Just take your shot!


Standing in a tunnel, a woman laughs facing a man who is carrying one of Thule camera backpacks.

Never miss a thing

When you’re on an adventure, you always want to have your camera close at hand and ready to capture the moment. With a Thule camera backpack you get tough protection for your camera and its gear plus space for other essentials. With our specially designed GoPro backpack, you even get mounts so that you can set up your camera and give your audience the best seat in the house to share even your most adrenaline-filled adventure.

What you can expect from a Thule camera backpack:

  • Tough and secure storage for valuable equipment
  • Easy, smart access to cameras and other gear
  • Special GoPro backpack including external camera mounts
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
A close-up of one of the camera backpacks with an open pocket revealing compartments for your equipment.

Only the toughest survive

Your Thule camera backpack is expertly designed to protect delicate and expensive camera equipment. The key to that is a durable, ultra-tough design and high-quality materials that are truly up to the challenge. But how do we know for sure? This is where the Thule Test Center™ comes in. Here, we test our products far beyond normal limits with everything from extra-heavy loads to extremes in heat, cold, wind, rain, and sunlight. Everything to be certain your gear stays completely safe and sound.