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The Beatles, the birthday song and the birth of the Rolling Stones

1962 is a year of music and drama. Marilyn Monroe sings "Happy Birthday" to US President John F Kennedy, then tragically passes away later in the year.
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Thule Standard Ski Rack

In Sweden, the greatest April Fool's Day prank ever convinces people all over the nation to put nylon stockings over their televisions to magically make them show colors.Spiderman is introduced to the world and Brazil win the World Cup for the second time, beating Czechoslovakia 3-1. Telstar, the world's first communication satellite is launched, making live trans-Atlantic television signals possible. The first James Bond film "Dr No" is an instant success. The Rolling Stones are founded and the first Beatles single "Love me do" is released. And the very first roof rack by Thule was launched, Thule Standard ski rack.

Toplist 1962

West Side Story
El Cid
Lawrence of Arabia
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Chubby Checker
Roy Orbison

Behind the scenes

And the radio played...
"Good morning Sweden! Today will be a sunny day all over our country. From the snow covered mountains in the north to the white beaches in the south. Pack your bags, bring your life, get out there and enjoy a beautiful day in the sun, while listening to the Swedish top 10, 1962"