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Bike and sport bags

Our bike, ski, and snowboard bags help you traverse the world with all your sports equipment. Once you arrive at your destination, it’s easy to bring all the gear you need.
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Three cyclists cycle through a mountain trail with Thule Vital hydration packs.


We have biking gear that will give you more time out on the trail.

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A mountain biker with a hydrationpack does a stunt.

Packing for an MTB adventure?

Check out our list of essentials here

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Two skiers ski with a Thule bike trailer ski pulk through a snowy countryside.

Skiing and snowboarding

Time to hit the slopes? Find ski and snowboard gear to get the most out of the snow!

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A man stands next to his vehicle with a bike rack parked next to the mountains.

Bike racks

See our large range of carriers for your bike

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RoundTrip_TRBC130_Black_01_3204662 RoundTrip_TRBC130_Black_04_3204662_c
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Thule RoundTrip

bike travel case MTB black

RoundTrip_TRBC110_01_3204825 RoundTrip_TRBC110_04_3204825_c
Confirmed Unconfirmed No fit

Thule RoundTrip

road bike travel case

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Thule Rail 4L

hip pack 4L dark slate gray

Confirmed Unconfirmed No fit

Thule Rail 2L

hip pack 2L dark slate gray

Confirmed Unconfirmed No fit

Thule Rail 0L

hip pack 0L dark slate gray