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Thule duffel bags are the perfect travel companion, wherever life takes you and whatever you need to pack. Let us help you find your travel bag.


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Thule duffel bag

For great adventures far and near

Duffel bags from Thule keep all your important gear secure and let you carry it in comfort and in style. These durable travel bags are built to cope with tough journeys while safeguarding your valuables and delicate equipment. The large-capacity shoulder duffels are built to support your outdoor excursions while roller models are designed to easily navigate airports and hotels. A range of sizes and colors ensure your duffel bag will match you and your adventure.


Thule duffel bags are built for your active lifestyle:

  • Rugged design and materials to withstand the toughest journeys
  • Smart features for carrying comfort and ease of use
  • Wide-mouth access to easily pack and organize
  • Choice of carry options and roller models
  • Range of colors and sizes
Thule duffel bags

Ready to go.

Whether you’re into extreme adventures or in the market for a spacious and flexible piece of luggage, our duffels are a great solution for you. Available in multiple colors and sizes, these travel bags have an ultra-wide opening and internal organization to easily pack and access belongings in any environment. Rugged and secure designs with multiple carry options, Thule duffel bags will keep your gear safe and let you pick up the pace when you need to.

Thule duffel bags

When the going gets tough…

Thule is renowned for testing its products to the limit and beyond, both at the Thule Test Center™ and in real life. You’re free to enjoy your adventure because we’ve tested our duffel bags for everything that life, the weather and the luggage carousel can throw at them. From assessing their resistance to impact, scratches, and water to evaluating their “carryability” and storage, we ensure a fail-safe and comfortable performance. Always.