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Biking vs Running? You Don’t Have to Choose!

Biking vs Running? You Don’t Have to Choose!

The key to success with any endurance sport comes down to two things, cross-training and plenty of rest. And now that you have kids, you might as well focus on the first part. For any athlete becoming a new parent, adjusting to the new routine can be a little tricky. Still, you’ll learn very quickly that bringing your kids along is one of the best ways to enjoy quality time together and explore the outdoors. And as a multisport athlete, you don’t have to choose between a dedicated bike trailer or a jogging stroller. The Thule Chariot is the best of both worlds.

Biking vs Running? You Don’t Have to Choose!

Biking exercise with your kid(s)

For cyclists looking to log some miles too, what could be better than bringing your kids along to feel the wind in their hair and smile with every twist and turn? The included cycling kit makes it easy to attach onto nearly any style of bike or axle type, but more importantly, your new favorite jogging stroller can convert between each accessory in seconds. So you can run with your kids one day and go for a bike ride the next. And just like that post-run stroll, you can easily switch out the bike attachment arm for the stroller wheels after you lock up your bike.

Biking vs Running? You Don’t Have to Choose!

Running with your kid(s)

Running with your kids can be rewarding and challenging all in one. From adjusting to the new routine of changing your stride to figuring out how to hold the handlebar efficiently, to adding some weight as you push the pace uphill, there are lots of things to think about when beginning to jog with your child. Add in the fact that you need to make sure your child is safe, cozy, and enjoying the ride, there is also a lot to consider when selecting the best jogging stroller. For a multisport day, the best jogging stroller is a multisport trailer, of course! Designed to be the best for all activities, the Thule Chariot is the perfect bike trailer for cycling with your kids while also being the ultimate jogging stroller for multisport athletes.

When it comes to safety and comfort, the top-of-the-line cockpit offers an adjustable five-point harness, reclining seats, ventilation ports and windows, and most importantly, protection from the elements.

And for the parent, the handlebar is easily adjustable depending on your height and hand position, while the storage bag folds up and out of the way on the back of the trailer. While the fixed front wheel on the accessory jogging kit makes it easy to run for miles, the included stroller wheels store conveniently and can pop into place should you and your child want to cruise around downtown after your run for a cold drink or a walk in the park.

Biking and running with your child is a dream come true. And you get to fit your workout and recovery ride into your schedule while spending time with your kids! The Thule Chariot makes switching between sports simple and worry-free, while its top-of-the-line features for your child make it the best solution for staying active as a new parent while teaching your kids the value of an active life.

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