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  • The original all-terrain stroller Thule Urban Glide 3 just got an upgrade
A man holding a piece of Thule luggage and a Thule backpacks stands next to a Thule Urban Glide 3 stroller.

The original all-terrain stroller

Experience the outdoors like never before with the Thule Urban Glide 3. This new iteration of Thule's beloved all-terrain stroller now comes with exciting updates and, for the first time, a four-wheel option. It's more than just a stroller—it's a promise of adventure, style, and convenience for modern families.

More comfort for little explorers

The Thule Urban Glide 3 is crafted for families on the move. Whether navigating city streets or exploring nature trails, this stroller doesn't compromise on comfort, functionality, or style. Its enhancements include:

  • A new built-in leg rest: Along with an updated reclining seat, it offers unparalleled comfort, perfect for nap times during adventures.
  • Extended canopy: Ample protection from sun and rain, designed with ventilation for those warm, sunny days.

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Meet the new line-up!

A man holding a Thule duffel bag pushes a child in a Thule Urban Glide 3 stroller.

Thule Urban Glide 3

Thule Urban Glide 3 is the full-size, iconic all-terrain stroller, perfect for both newborns and toddlers. Updated with more comfort features, the built-in legrest, upright, comfortable seat with adjustable recline and full coverage canopy with ventilation makes for a comfortable ride all-day, everywhere.
A woman is holding a baby next to the Thule Urban Glide 4-wheel stroller.

Thule Urban Glide 4-wheel

Thule Urban Glide 4-wheel is a city-friendly, all-terrain stroller that's perfect for newborns and toddlers. As the ultimate full-size urban stroller, it seamlessly blends comfort, functionality, generous storage capacity, and performance on any surface. Designed for everyday use, it allows for unparalleled maneuverability. Glide through tight corners and crowded spaces, whether you're strolling city streets or conquering rough terrain.
A man is holding a Thule duffel bag and a woman is standing next to the Thule Urban Glide 3 double stroller with a smiling child in it.

Thule Urban Glide Double

Thule Urban Glide 3 double all-terrain stroller is the perfect from birth companion for active parents with two children. This lightweight side-be-side stroller has roomy and individually adjustable seats and easily passes through doorways.

Packed with great features

A woman is pushing a Thule Urban Glide 3 stroller with a child in it across the sand.

Designed for any terrain

Lightweight design and large air-filled tires for unparalleled maneuverability across various terrains.
A woman checks on her child who is laying in a Thule Urban Glide 3 stroller.

Superior child comfort

Full canopy coverage with ventilation, a built-in leg rest, and an adjustable recline seat ensure your child’s comfort on every journey.
Close up image of the handle on the Thule Urban Glide 3 stroller.

Smooth twist brake

An integrated twist hand brake ensures smooth, safe control, keeping you and your little one secure on your adventures.

A living heritage

"Thule Urban Glide 3 is built on a design that has not only won international awards but has also become a favorite among families around the world. It's a cornerstone in our product range, delivering superior design and functionality. The latest version of Thule Urban Glide 3 introduces exciting features and the highly anticipated four-wheel option, taking a significant leap ahead. It's crafted based on our customer's insights and our commitment to continuous improvement."

Sara Berggren, Thule Product Manager

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