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Everything you need to know about roof racks

With a Thule roof rack, you are all set to head off on your adventures and make sure you have  everything you want. Our roof racks are a starting point for carrying the extra special gear that lets you live out your passions – with roof boxes, bike carriers, ski carriers, and kayak carriers. 

For each car brand and model, there is a Thule roof rack solution that fits. 

You can use a Thule roof rack for: 

  • Roof boxes - Extra space for all your gear 

  • Bike racks - Bring bikes of any kind – mount the bike rack quickly and easily

  • Water Sport Racks - Mount racks for kayaks, surfboards and SUP boards. 

  • Winter Sport Racks - Skis and snowboards – get ready for action in minutes. 

Roof rack uses

What are roof racks for?

A roof rack is necessary when you want to carry something on your car roof. A Thule roof rack is safely and easily attached to your car – you can do it yourself in minutes.  

For each car brand and model, there is a Thule roof rack solution that fits. The Roof Rack Guide is a great start to your adventures with our roof racks. Just enter your car brand, model, and year – and you will get the perfect roof rack solution for your car. 

Once the roof rack is mounted on your car, you can use it for a wide range of cargo depending on your needs: roof boxesbike racks, racks for kayaks, surfboards and SUP boards, and winter sport racks. 

What roof racks fit my car?

Thule roof racks are super easy to mount on all types of vehicles and include every component you’ll need. Thule prides itself with working closely with the automotive industry, that means we often have a roof rack kit that fits a new vehicle model before its even been launched on the market!

Most roof rack systems are composed of roof bars, feet and fit kits (some do not need fit kits). The bars are where you carry the load, the feet attach to a specific type of roof (see roof types below), and the fit kit ensures the rack fits on your specific car model. At Thule, we sell our roof racks as complete systems so that you get the roof bars, feet and fit kits as a complete package.

All you have to do is head on over to the roof rack page and insert your vehicle brand, model, year and roof type. We’ll then supply you with the entire kit that you need for the roof rack to fit your specific vehicle. Yes, it’s that easy!

Drawing of roof with tracks and rails.

How to install roof racks?

Installing roof racks on your car depends on the kind of vehicle you have. All roof rack systems are composed of two load bars, feet and fit kits to fit the roof racks on your specific vehicle.

To find out how to install roof racks on your specific vehicle, enter your vehicle details on our roof rack page, choose a roof rack, and download the users manuals on the Instructions tab.

How do I choose a roof rack?

How to choose a roof rack? It's easy! With us, it starts with a simple question – would you prefer a maximized loading area or a streamlined design? 

A car drives down a road in the forest with a Thule roof box and a towbar bike rack carrying two bikes.

Aerodynamic and quiet

The perfect roof racks for an exceptionally quiet and aerodynamic ride.

Thule Evo WingBar is an all-around roof rack compatible with all accessories, from roof boxes to roof top tents. Its wide loading area allows you to transport more gear.

Thule Edge WingBar is a sleek and sporty roof rack that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the car. It's a stylish solution for your bike rack or roof box.

Woman sits underneath a Thule Tepui Foothill roof top tent with a camp fire by the ocean.

Bring lots of heavy gear

Thule ProBar Evo is the workhorse of the roof rack world, these heavy-duty roof racks are designed for professionals or explorers who need to transport heavy equipment.

A woman loads her Thule Edge WingBar roof rack with a bicycle.

Easier loading

Thule Evo SlideBar is an innovative roof rack with a two-way sliding functionality making it easier than ever to load your gear. Slide the rack out and load your things at a more convenient position, then effortlessly slide the rack back onto the roof. Perfect for bike racks and water sports racks.

A Grenadier is driving through the Icelandic countryside with a Thule CapRock roof rack platform and gear attached.

Versatile design for overlanding adventures

The Thule Caprock roof rack platform is another great way to bring both your sports or cargo carriers, and a bunch of small gear. With a load capacity of up 330 lbs, Thule Caprock has a versatile design that allows for easy mounting of popular overlanding accessories like light bars, jacks, and more.

The roof platform comes in multiple sizes to accommodate varying roof dimensions, truck bed sizes, and intended use scenarios.

To find which roof rack platform size fits your car, head to the Roof Platform category page and click the blue Select your vehicle button.

What is a roof platform?

A roof platform like Thule Caprock is a substitute for a roof rack and mounts directly onto your vehicle roof with the help of a fit kit and roof rack feet, much like a roof rack. It can, however, also be used together with your Thule roof rack.

Roof platforms are popular with overlanders. Thule Caprock comes in a range of sizes with an adjustable base crossbar for a customized fit of your vehicle. The versatile design allows for easy mounting of popular overlanding accessories like light bars, jacks, and other gear.

How much weight can I put on my roof rack?

All Thule roof racks share several important features, and they all have the capacity to carry a significant weight.

  • High load capacity- All roof racks are designed to carry up to 75 kg
  • Quick installation - Easy to mount and to add accessories
  • Safety first - Tested to the limit and beyond in the Thule Test Center™

However, the maximum weight of the system is determined by the vehicle itself. Head to the roof rack page, click on “Filter & sort”, and enter your car model details to find a roof rack that will fit your specific vehicle. For more details or consult your vehicle manufacturer.

How to put a kayak on a roof rack

These are a few common questions that we get around the products and the use of a roof rack that you might want to explore before choosing the best roof rack for your needs! 

You can use any roof rack from the Thule Evo and Thule Edge range. Once your roof rack is mounted, attach a kayak carrier such as Thule DockGlide – a flexible, kayak carrier with feltlined saddles that make it easier to load and unload your carrier.    

How do you carry a surfboard on the roof of your car?  

It is easy to carry your surfboard safely on your car roof. With a roof rack system and Thule surfboard car rack, you’re ready to chase the waves – just load your board and head out. Check out Thule SUP Taxi XT – a top-of-the-range SUP rack for maximum board security, with an adjustable custom fit and convenient mounting. 

How do I lock my surfboard to my roof rack?  

The easiest way to carry your surfboard safely on your car roof is to use an all-in-one solution such as out Thule SUP Taxi XT. An alternative is to use Thule Board Shuttle or Thule Surf Pads in combination with Thule Locking Straps or Thule Load Straps. 

How do you put a snowboard on a roof rack? 

Do you like to go skiing or snowboarding all winter long? With a Thule roof rack, you can easily fit your gear on your car. With a snowboard rack for your car, you can easily and safely take your board to the mountains. Check out Thule SnowPack Extender – an aerodynamic slide-out rack for convenient loading and unloading of skis and snowboards.  

Check out our roof racks

Roof racks make life a little easier! You can combine your Thule roof rack with several of our sports and cargo carriers. It’s a super quick and convenient way to bring all the gear you need.

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A Grenadier is driving through the Icelandic countryside with a Thule CapRock roof rack platform and gear attached.

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