Two cyclists bike past a yellow field with black and yellow bike panniers.

Bike bags and panniers

Thule panniers or bike bags are perfect for taking all the gear you need on your bike journeys – and always safely, securely, and in style.


Thule Shield

handlebar bag black

  • Keeps essential items close at hand
  • Waterproof construction
  • Attach and remove quickly

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

bike basket black

  • Lightweight basket
  • Easy to install
  • Attaches to front or rear deck/rails

Thule Tour Rack

for bike black

  • Carries heavy loads while protecting bike frame
  • Fits on front or rear of most bikes
  • Easy installation and removal

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

rail extender kit black

  • Easily attaches to Thule Tour Rack
  • More pedal clearance
  • Used in front or rear

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

side frames black

  • Loads below the axle
  • Compatible with virtually all panniers
  • Easy to install

A close-up of a bike with black panniers and a person holding the bike by the saddle.

From short commutes to long adventures

With Thule panniers or bike bags you always get a safe, secure, and great-looking storage solution no matter how far you’re travelling. You only need to decide which panniers are right for you and your journey. For the daily commute, you’ll love the stylish, splash-proof, cleverly designed panniers that double up as carry bags when you’re out of the saddle. But if you’re heading for serious adventure then you’ll demand nothing less than the heavy-duty, fully waterproof adventure touring panniers.

With Thule panniers or bike bags you can expect:

  • Stylish, versatile storage on the front or rear bike rack
  • Splash-proof, smart, stylish commuting version
  • Waterproof, heavy-duty adventure touring version
A blue city bike with black bike bags and a white background.

Designed for lasting performance

Whether you choose Thule panniers for your commute or for longer adventures, you can be certain that it will be up to the job – and a long life doing it. All panniers are designed to hold your gear securely and stay on your bike safely, we also test our products to make sure they can also withstand long-term exposure to heat, cold, rain, and sunlight and still keep performing.