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Three parents walk with their kids in compact city strollers with the best stroller accessories from Thule.

The best stroller accessories for a day out

Finding the best stroller accessories can help make a long day out easier!

So, what stroller accessories do I need? Well, that all depends on your plans. Here are some of the best stroller accessories that can help you maximize the use of your Thule stroller and make the most out of your day out – all while keeping your kids comfortable.

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A mother kids beside her kid in a kid stroller with the best stroller accessories for a day out in town.

Stroller accessories for toddlers

Stroller accessories can greatly elevate adventures with your little explorer. Check out some of our recommended accessories for your toddler below.

Bumper bars

A bumper bar is more than just a safety feature; for curious toddlers, it's a place to grip, hang toys, and create a sense of independence when they "steer" alongside you.

Water bottle holder

A water bottle holder is perfect for ensuring that your toddler's favorite sippy cup is always within reach, especially important given how active and thirsty they can be.

Rider board

And if you've ever had a toddler who insists on walking but quickly gets tired, a rider board is a lifesaver. It offers them a fun spot to hop on when those little legs need a break, making trips around town a breeze.

Snack tray

With an attachable kid’s Thule Snack Tray your child can munch on some food if they get fussy and hungry.

Stroller accessories for newborns

When looking for a stroller accessory for your newborn, you might see that there are three different kinds of accessories, a stroller bassinet, a Thule Newborn Nest and a Thule Infant Inlay. Here are the differences.

Newborn bassinet

A newborn bassinet transforms your stroller into a comfortable pram in no time. It's easy to attach to your stroller with an easy click-in installation. The bassinet is ideal for infants aged 0-6 months and provides a cozy, lie-flat surface.

Compared to the newborn accessories below, a bassinet needs to be removed before the stroller can be folded.

Thule Newborn Nest

Thule Newborn Inlay makes sure your baby gets the extra protection and comfort they need. It is easy to install to create a cozy lay-flat surface with an included soft head rest pillow for extra support. It is suitable for kids up to 6 months, and provides extra warmth when it’s cold.

Compared to the bassinet, this accessory has the added advantage of staying attached to the stroller even when folded. This feature is perfect for parents on the move, allowing for convenient and quick transitions.

Thule Infant Inlay

Similar to the Newborn Nest, it provides a soft, lay-flat surface within the stroller seat. This accessory is equipped with a plush headrest pillow, ensuring your baby's head and neck are comfortably supported.

Designed with on-the-go parents in mind, it remains attached when the stroller is folded, making it easier to fold the stroller. Suitable for kids up to 6 months, this inlay is not as warm as the Thule Newborn Nest and might be better for a hotter climate.

In essence, while each of these accessories has its unique features, they all share a common goal: to provide maximum comfort and safety for your newborn during strolls.

Two parents walk through the snow with their child in a snow suit and a stroller with the best stroller accessories for the snow.

Stroller accessories for cold weather

These winter stroller accessories will help keep your baby toasty and warm even in the colder months!

Stroller rain cover

A stroller rain cover keeps your baby dry even when it is pouring. They are custom-fitted for maximum weather protection and have a small window for easy access to your child and ventilation.


A footmuff is a cozy accessory designed to keep your baby warm and snug in their stroller during colder months. Equipped with a zippered front for easy access and adjustable as per the child's size, it's a winter essential that ensures your little one remains toasty and protected against chilly winds and temperatures.

Stroller accessories for warm weather

Are the summer months heating up? These summer accessories will help keep your child cool and (hopefully!) less grumpy in the warm part of the year.

Stroller seat liner or summer seat liner

A Thule Seat Liner is a useful addition to add a pop of color to your stroller but also gives your child extra comfort. If it gets dirty (which it’s likely to!) all you have to do is take the seat liner off and throw it in the washing machine when you get home.

The Thule summer seat liner is perfect for warmer weather, since it is thinner and provides great ventilation for your child.

Mesh cover

A mesh cover protects your child from wind and insects.

The Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy

There is nothing quite like this accessory on the market. The Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy uses technology developed by medical experts to purify the air that your baby breathes inside their Thule Shine stroller. It’s great for parents who live in smoggy cities.

The air is renewed several times a minute to provide clean air for every breath. In essence, you bring the purified air with you – wherever you go.

A Thule Shine air purifier canopy the best stroller accessory for strolling in a polluted city.

Uses reliable air purification technology

A fan located at the back of the canopy draws in air, filters it, and then gently pushes it into the bassinet or stroller. The highly efficient EPA filter captures 98% of harmful polluting particles, as well as viruses, bacteria, and pollen.
A picture of the Thule App on the screen of a phone with a woman strolling in the background.

Keep track with the Thule app

Connects to the Thule App that helps you keep track of the air quality in the stroller, and notifies you when it is time to replace the filter

Stroller organization

Every adventure with your baby usually involves a whole lot of clothes, bottles, snacks, diapers and more. For this reason it’s great to have organizational accessories that help you store all the items your child can’t be without.

Thule Stroller organizer

This bag attaches directly onto your Thule Sleek stroller, and includes pockets on the inside and outside to keep necessities organized. It can be used as a stand alone bag, too.

Thule Changing Backpack

This everyday changing backpack allows you to easily bring all of the necessities you need for a day out. It includes a padded, easy to clean changing mat with storage pockets and handy soil bag for small dirty clothes.

Thule Changing Bag

This changing bag easily convert bag from shoulder bag to backpack for versatile carry options. It also includes a changing mat with storage pockets.

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