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The Best Baby Outdoor Gear for Active Families

The Best Baby Outdoor Gear for Active Families

Whether you need baby gear for camping, a bike expedition, or a hike, these essentials will simplify outdoor adventures with your little one!

Just because you have had a baby doesn’t mean that your outdoor adventures have to be put on hold. Here is some essential baby outdoor gear that can help you bring your little one along on your next expedition. Just don’t forget the baby wipes!

Thule child carrier backpacks

Child carrier backpacks

Baby carriers are ideal for parents who want to go on a hike with their little one. The Thule Sapling Elite carrier backpack adjusts to fit the size of your baby and has a two-legged kickstand and sunshade to make sure they are comfortable on the trail.

The adjustable back panel and hip belt lets you switch deftly between parents as soon as your precious load gets a bit too heavy. There are also large hip belt pockets for easy access to snacks or toys, and a smaller, detachable backpack on the carrier where you can store diapers and a changing mat.

Recommended product: The Thule Sapling Elite child carrier backpack

Thule multisport trailers

Bike Trailer

The Thule Chariot Cross is a favorite among parents who love to be outdoors. Its design makes it easy to switch between biking, strolling, jogging or even cross-country skiing. If you are going for a camping trip with your bikes or going for a skiing adventure, your child will be snug inside watching the world race past.

If you want to bring gear on your adventure – or even your dog – you should choose the Thule Courier bike trailer instead. This bike trailer lets you bring your baby on some expeditions, and your dog or gear on others.

Recommended product: Thule Chariot Cross multisport bike trailer with the Thule Baby Supporter for babies over 6 months

Thule child bike seats

Child bike seat

You can also bring your infant along on a child bike seat. They’re recommended for babies from the age of nine months and upwards. The Thule Yepp Mini is shock-absorbing which makes for a smoother ride for your kid. It’s also easy to clean, which is great if your little one seems to always be getting crumbs or melted ice-cream everywhere (which, let’s be honest, is most children).

The Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini has a sturdy outer shell and soft padding inside which keeps your kid extra comfortable. The seat is super easy to take on and off your bike if you want to take it indoors at the end of the day. The bike is also water-repellent which means you can leave the seat outside year-round if you want to.

You can read our guide on how to choose a child bike seat to find the right one for your family.

Recommended product: Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini

Sleeping bags for babies and toddlers

When it comes to camping gear for your baby, you’ll need to keep them warm and cozy at night. The ideal sleeping bag is one that your baby can wear. That way, no matter how much they squirm at night they won’t wriggle out of the sleeping bag and get cold. That’s why you can opt for wearable sleeping sacks recommended for babies 6 months and older with sleeves and leg holes.

Baby travel nest

At night you’ll want a crib for your baby that is comfortable but also lightweight and easy to bring with on your outdoor adventures. Baby nests are smaller than cribs and the travel versions are lightweight and easy to bring with on your camping adventures. Not only are they good at night, but they are also the perfect place to put your baby so you can keep an eye on them while you start the campfire or set up the tent.

Life jacket

For adventures of the paddling kind, you want a lifejacket that fits your baby perfectly for extra safety. Life jackets that strap around the body and legs of your infant are ideal in this case, since they fit snuggly. Find a life jacket that supports the head of your infant and is designed to keep your baby floating face up in they fall into the water.

An all-terrain jogging stroller

An all-terrain jogging stroller

If you plan to take your child on trips in the countryside, it makes sense to opt for a stroller that is designed to handle all types of terrain. The Thule Urban Glide 2 has suspension that makes even the bumpiest of rides smooth for you and your child. The rotating wheels can be locked in place when you are ready for a jog.

Before the age of 6 months (when it’s recommended to start jogging with your child) you can fit the stroller with a bassinet or an infant car seat. Stroll around with them on your outdoor adventures in the early months, and when they’re old enough you have your jogging stroller at the ready.

Recommended product: Thule Urban Glide 2

Thule Changing Bag

Changing bag

Doing diaper changes on the hiking trail is not an easy feat. Have a changing bag at hand where you can keep all the baby changing essentials.

The Thule Changing Bag is a stroller accessory but can also be converted to a backpack or slung around your shoulder. It includes a changing mat as well as specific compartments for diapers, a bottle, wipes and more.

Recommended product: Thule Changing Bag

Lightweight blanket or changing mat

Lightweight blanket or changing mat

If you are hiking or camping with a baby, you’ll need a clean, dry surface where you can lay your baby down when it is time for a diaper change. Bring along a lightweight blanket, towel or changing mat for changes along the trail.

Recommended product: The Thule Changing Bag comes with a compact changing mat that fits inside the bag.

Dry bag

If you’re on a hike in the remote countryside, miles away from a trash can to throw a dirty diaper, you’ll be thankful to have a place to put them. Storing your diapers, soiled clothes or other soggy things inside a waterproof dry bag will stop you from getting everything else in your backpack wet. You can either place the dry bag inside your backpack or attach it to the clips on the outside of your backpack if you have any.

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