Bike packs, bags and racks

Thule bike accessories let you increase the carrying capacity for longer, more enjoyable biking. Let us help you discover new opportunities.  


Product type

Primary use




Thule Shield

handlebar bag black

  • Attach and remove quickly
  • Keeps essential items close at hand
  • Waterproof construction


smartphone bike mount black

  • Quick & easy access
  • Secure side clamps
  • View in portrait or landscape mode

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

bike basket black

  • Attaches to front or rear deck/rails
  • Lightweight basket
  • Easy to install

Thule Tour Rack

for bike black

  • Grips prevent sliding
  • Light/reflector mount
  • Attaches to front or rear of most bikes

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

rail extender kit black

  • Easily attaches to Thule Tour Rack
  • More pedal clearance
  • Used in front or rear

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

side frames black

  • Compatible with virtually all panniers
  • Loads below the axle
  • Easy to install

Thule Rail

hip pack 2L dark slate gray

  • Comfortable hip pack
  • For 1-3 hour rides
  • Water bottle storage

Thule Rail

hip pack 0L dark slate gray

  • Easy access storage
  • For quick rides
  • Breathable material

Thule Rail

backpack 18L dark slate gray

  • 2.5L reservoir
  • Back protector
  • E-bike battery storage

Thule RoundTrip

bike travel case MTB black

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Includes a bike assembly stand
  • Safely transports almost any MTB bike
RennRad Kauftipp 3-2017 Thule RoundTrip Pro XT

Thule RoundTrip Pro XT

soft bike travel case black/cobolt blue

  • Integrated bike assembly stand
  • Integrated wheels
  • Loads below the axle
Thule bike accessories

Give your bike new possibilities

Our bike accessories can help transform your biking experience and even open up new journeys. The range of bicycle accessories include panniers, rack and baskets as well as handlebar-mounted holders for lights, smartphones, and action cams. You can even choose soft and hard shell travel cases to transport your bike on special adventures far from home. The possibilities are endless – it just depends on where you want to go.


What you can expect from Thule bike accessories: 

  • Safety, style, and smart solutions on long journeys and/or short commutes
  • Different storage positions on your bike to increase your carrying capacity
  • Handlebar accessories for more action-filled rides
  • Tough bike transport cases for long-distance adventures 
  • Thule bike accessories

    Load up and hit the road

    When you have everything you need with you, you can stay out on the road longer or take on more ambitious challenges. Of course, it also helps if you can commute and take everything for the day on your bike. Thule’s range of bike accessories gives you many different storage options to suit you and your life on two wheels. With a wide choice of panniers, racks, and baskets, you can even combine several to be fully equipped for overnight and weeklong journeys that will let you see completely new horizons.

    Thule bike accessories

    Safe and secure in the saddle

    You can relax in the knowledge that Thule bicycle accessories will hold your gear securely and stay on your bike safely. At the Thule Test Center™, all our products are given multiple tests to ensure they won’t fail no matter how hard you push them. From heavy loads and long-distance simulations to exposure to heat, cold, water and sun, they’ve effectively been to the ends of the world and back. You’re free to enjoy the breeze in your face and the road ahead.