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  • The original all-terrain stroller Thule Urban Glide 3 just got an upgrade
A woman is biking with a Thule Chariot Sport 2 bike trailer in an urban environment

For a perfect mix between daily commute and weekend adventures

Thule Chariot Sport 2 and Thule Chariot Cross 2 are the latest versions of the bike trailer that invented the multi-activities concept – Thule Chariot. An award-winning trailer, with a unique concept that the new trailers elevate, offering versatility for bike-commuting families, from school drop-offs to grocery runs after work.

The upgrades make it easier than ever to switch between strolling and biking, making every ride more comfortable for the kids and user friendly for the parent. With the updated additional accessories, these bike trailers are a great match for active parents who want to take their kids jogging or cross-country skiing on their time off.  

Upgraded to make daily routines even easier 

Daily life has a habit of changing in the blink of an eye, and a bike trailer needs to be able to adapt quickly as the circumstances change. That is why the new updates to the Thule Chariot Sport and Thule Chariot Cross bike trailers include the FlipWing function that allows for a quick transfer from bike-mode to stroller mode without removing the front wheels. The one-hand click-in hitch arm simplifies attaching the trailer to a bike.

The bike trailers are easy to fold, so parents can easily put them on the side at a coffee shop or bring them on the next family road trip.

The new colors Dark Slate, Faded Khaki, and Natural Gold are modern yet nature-inspired and bound to catch the attention of fellow cyclists when out and about. 

A woman is attaching a Thule Chariot bike trailer to her bike
Closeup of a bike wheel where a person is attaching a Thule Chariot bike trailer
Closeup of the back of a Thule Chariot bike trailer, where a person is opening the zipper of the cargo compartment

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Three things that make Thule Chariot 2 Cross and Thule Chariot 2 Sport special

Two men are standing with their kids in Thule Chariot Cross 2 bike trailers in front of a wall

Optimized for child comfort

Comfort for the kids is key for bike commuting. The Thule Chariot Cross 2 and Thule Chariot Sport 2 have new padded, removable, washable seats, and increased cushioning to ensure comfort on every ride. The large vents in the front of the bike trailer as well as the mesh at the back guarantee ample ventilation so kids don’t start to feel too hot. The new modular seating system offers flexibility from a single central seat to a two-seat configuration, providing more space and comfort.

Close-up of Thule Chariot's integrated LED lights and reflective materials, ensuring high visibility and safety in traffic.

Safety and sustainability

Safety is always our top priority. All Thule bike trailers are crash tested in the Thule Test Center™ facilities, ensuring that the trailers not only meet, but exceed all safety standards. For enhanced security, Thule Chariot Sport 2 comes with integrated LED lights for extra visibility in traffic, while the Thule Chariot Cross 2 is equipped with the rear detachable Thule Delight bike light and reflective tape on the trailer sides and wheels. Sustainability is a key consideration, with durable, repairable materials ensuring longevity and potential use by multiple families. 

A woman is jogging with her child in a Thule Chariot Sport 2 bike trailer

A trailer for both urban and outdoor adventures

The upgraded Thule Chariot Sport 2 and Thule Chariot Cross 2 continue to be multi-purpose companions for parents not only in their daily lives but for family adventures on the weekends.  


Thule Chariot Sport 2 is the bike trailer for athletes and their kids. The modular bike trailer and jogging stroller in one, made for training in all seasons and easy commuting. Thule Chariot Sport lets you experience easy transitions between cycling, strolling, and running.   


Thule Chariot Cross 2 is the bike trailer for active, commuting parents. The easy-to-use bike trailer and stroller for everyday commuting activities and weekend adventures. Made for daily commutes, the Thule Chariot Cross is a robust and safe trailer for heavy use in all conditions. 

A woman is holding her bike with a Thule Chariot bike trailer, looking back at her child who sits in the trailer
A woman in training clothes is resting beside a Thule Chariot bike trailer in running mode
A man is cross-country skiing in a snowy landscape with a Thule Chariot bike trailer in ski mode
A woman is looking  at her child who sits in a Thule Chariot bike trailer

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A woman is looking back at her child who sits in a Thule Chariot bike trailer with the rear lights on