A skier skis down the steep slopes at Verbier, Switzerland at dawn, with rugged peaks in the background.

Best ski resorts in Switzerland and Austria

We asked international ski champions and athletes for their favorite ski destinations – here are their responses!

We asked professional skiers, snowboarding champions, and other winter athletes for their favorite places to go skiing in their home countries.

Their answers ranged from well-known resorts to hidden gems. Here are some of their great recommendations for ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland.

Skiing in Switzerland

Verbier, Switzerland

One of my favorite places near where I live is Verbier in Switzerland. It feels like home, and I know every little detail of the place by now. I like the fact that there is no pressure on me there. It's a big international place with lots of freestyle spots.

- Xavier De Le Rue

A skier skis down the steep slopes at Verbier, Switzerland at dawn, with rugged peaks in the background.

Why you should check it out:

One of the biggest ski areas in Switzerland, Verbier attracts extreme freeriders, alpine ski professionals and more relaxed skiing enthusiasts from around the world. This is a ski resort in world class, that’s also famous for its luxurious après ski and nightlife.

(In this picture: A snowboarder in Verbier. Source: Anders Ödman / Copyright: Verbier Promotion)

Engadin, Switzerland

Then …over the border into Switzerland, you have Engadin – which is an amazing place.

- Martin ‘McFly’ Winkler

The ski village of St Moritz at the bottom of snow covered peaks at dusk.

Why you should check it out:

Skiers come here for tried-and-tested slopes for all skills ranges, with great snow conditions and spectacular views.

It has all the aprés-ski charm you could ask for, with wood mountain lodges and the cozy Swiss village of St Moritz at the bottom of the valley.

(Photo: Source Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG / Copyright: Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus)

Skiing in Austria

Naming the top destinations for skiing in Austria is a tough one because we have so many... We are so lucky to have the Alps as our huge playground. But if I had to choose, I would definitely choose my home resort, Warth-Schröcken... and the next would be Ötztal in Sölden.

- Martin ‘McFly’ Winkler

Warth-Schröcken, Austria

Why you should check it out:

Warth-Schröcken boasts its “snow guarantee” with an average of 11 m / 36 ft per year, and the most snow-abundant area in the Alps. The resort also has the longest ski circuit in the Alps at about 85 km / 52 mi.

Sölden, Ötztal, Austria

The ski lift at Sölden ski resort in Austria looks over a hotel and beautiful  mountains.

Why you should check it out:

Sölden is one of Europe’s most popular ski resorts, with 2 glaciers, over 144 km / 89 mi of slopes, and spectacular views of the Alps at elevations over a whopping 3,000 m / 9,842 ft. What more could you ask for?

(In this picture: A ski lift at Sölden ski resort © Christoph Nösig / Bergbahnen Sölden / Ötztal Tourismus)

Nordkette – Innsbruck, Austria

One of the best resorts around Innsbruck i Nordkette...you get a view of the whole city. It's easy to get to, you can take a tram up there and arrive within 25 minutes, it's really incredible.

- Elias Elhardt

Two skiers ski at the snowy mountain at Nordkette ski resort that looks over the city of Innsbruck.

Why you should check it out:

Something truly special thing about the Nordkette ski resort is the spectacular view of the snow-covered city below.

Also, the freeride skiing routes, including Hafelar run, are some of the steepest ski routes in Europe with gradients of 70%, reserved only for the best riders.

(In this picture: A couple skiing at the Nordkette ski resort. Photo credit: Mario Webhofer / Copyright: Nordkette.com)

Schlick 2000, Austria

There are so many resorts around Innsbruck, but I like Schlick and the playful terrain there, which is only a 20-minute drive for me.

- Elias Elhardt

A skier at Schlick in Austria takes a photo of the beautiful snowy mountains.

Why you should check it out:

If you have young kids, the Schlick 2000 ski resort is especially popular with families. This is thanks to its compact size, beginner-friendly slopes and a cable car station with a children’s area where kids can play while their parents have a go at more difficult slopes. The resort also has family-friendly restaurants and kids’ activities to do après ski.

(In this photo: The Stubai glacier, the area where the ski resort is located. Copyright: Tirol Werbung_Herbig Hans)

Mayrhofen, Austria

The steep slopes at Mayrhofen are covered in pine trees, and the peak is covered in fog.

Recommended by: Maria Kuzma

Why you should check it out:

Mayrhofen is a popular destination for expert skiers, but there are also lots of options for beginners and families. The infamous Harakiri piste has a gradent of 78%, making it one of the steepest runs in Austria.

Freeriders will also really appreciate Penken Park, a snowpark with a range of different levels that is one of the most popular things to do at Mayrhofen.

(In this photo: The beautiful foggy mountains at Finkenberg, Mayrhofen. Copyright: Tirol Werbung_Schreyer David)

St. Anton, Arlberg, Austria

I really love the Arlberg region which is between Germany, where I was born, and Innsbruck, where I live now. This region has so much to offer. Tons of resorts like Saint Anton and it just snows so much. I love this place and spend a lot of time there.

- Elias Elhardt

A ski lift at Valluga in St Anton looks over the snowy peaks.

Why you should check it out:

Not only is St. Anton a renowned alpine destination in the Alps, but it also offers a whole range of other fun winter activities. Ski mountaineering, tobogganing, ice-skating, curling, paragliding, snowshoe hiking and more!

(Photo: A ski lift at St. Anton. © TVB St. Anton am Arlberg_Patrick Bätz)

Thule ambassadors in this article:

Xavier De Le Rue professional snowboarding champion and Thule ambassador.

Xavier De Le Rue is a French big mountain snowboarder with 4 World Boardercross Champion and 3 Freeride World Tour Champion titles to his name. Check out his website or Instagram.

Martin Winkler, former pro freeskier and Thule ambassador.

Martin ‘McFly’ Winkler is an Austrian former pro Freeskier, film producer and mountain guide. You can see his work at the Zero Division production company or head over to his Instagram.

Maria Kuzma, snowboard freerider and Thule ambassador.

Maria Kuzma is a snowboard freeriding architect. One of her passion projects is Recycle+Build, which builds sustainable, low-incoming housing in Brazil. Find out more about her on Instagram.

Elias Elhard a German big mountain snowboarder and Thule ambassador.

Elias Elhardt is a German big mountain snowboarder and filmmaker. You can check what he’s up to on Instagram.



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