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Product recall: Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kits for certain car models

Thule Rapid Fixpoint

We need to inform you that Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kits, for mounting Thule’s roof rack system, with the following product numbers 3049, 3073, 3123, 3130, 3136 and 3144 purchased after 16 December 2019 with a specific fit for the car models listed below pose a risk of the roof rack system to partly or fully detach from the vehicle’s roof.

car models chart

At the Thule Group we take product quality very seriously and product safety is our top priority. We conduct extensive testing to ensure that our Thule products meet all global industry and regulatory standards. Unfortunately, we have identified a defected batch of bolts, which is a critical component in the Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kits (3049, 3073, 3123, 3130, 3136 and 3144). The bolts are too small, which poses a risk that Thule’s roof rack system not being properly secured and could during certain circumstances partly or fully detach from the roof while driving the vehicle. If the roof rack and any items attached to it detaches from the vehicle, there is an increased risk of an accident and injury to other road users.

Thule Rapid Fixpoint

What we want you to do

The arrow is showing the affected bolt which is a component in the Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kit.

It's our policy to act whenever we identify potential risks for injury, or are made aware of them. As such, the Thule Group is conducting a recall on the Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kits (3049, 3073, 3123, 3130, 3136 and 3144) that have been purchased after 16 December 2019 and that have a specific fit to the car models listed above.

The Thule Group asks that if you have purchase a Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kits after 16 December 2019 for one of the car models listed above that you immediately stop using the roof rack system and do not allow others to use it. We offer you, as an owner of an affected Thule Rapid XT Kit a full refund of Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT Kit or a free of charge replacement Thule Rapid XT Kit.

We urge you to take the following immediate actions:

  • Immediately stop using your Thule roof rack system, if you have bought a roof rack system with an affected kit:
    • To any of the car models and specific production year in the list above.
    • Your purchase was made after 16 December 2019.

  • How to identify  the date of your kit:
  • The date stamp can be found on the original package above the EAN code.
    See red marking below.  

    image of where to find the datestamp

  • Contact the local retailer where you bought the Thule roof rack system or Thule Group at fixpointxtkits@thule.com, to arrange the return of your Thule Rapid XT Kits (3049, 3073, 3123, 3130, 3136 and 3144) and register for a refund or replacement kit. No proof of purchase is required. You will receive a pre-paid shipping label in order to return the product to Thule Group free of charge.

Please note, this product recall is limited to the kits for the specific cars in the list above, bought after 16 December 2019, and does not affect the function or safety of the above Thule Rapid Fixpoint Kits produced starting 1st of April 2020.

If you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact Thule Customer Service.

We sincerely thank you for your co-operation and we apologize for any inconvenience.