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Thule Shoe Organizer shoe organizer black/gray
Thule Shoe Organizer shoe organizer black/gray
A woman loads shoes into a Thule Shoe Organizer on a wall of a caravan.
A woman loads shoes inside a Thule Shoe Organizer attached on a white caravan.
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Thule Shoe Organizer

shoe organizer black/gray

Provides storage space for at least 10 pairs of shoes.
Thule Shoe Organizer Black/Gray - Open
Storage compartments: 10 large pockets for shoes, 2 extra mesh pockets
Thule Shoe Organizer - Ventilation Hole
Contains small ventilation holes for optimal ventilation
Durable, weather-resistant design
Thule Shoe Organizer Black/Gray Closed 306925
Integrated cover with zipper, can remain open for easy access
Foldable for easy storage
Extra reinforcement thanks to the velcro strips and the press buttons
Transport with built-in carry handle
Thule Shoe Organizer
Different options to mount the organizer (not included)


Motorhomes Caravans Vans Minivans




100% Polyester


50 cm


80 cm

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