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Use your passion to make a difference – the WCAC initiative

The We Can All Contribute initiative, WCAC, started as a late-night conversation between two brothers about five years ago. Christian and Carl- Johan Brandt, neurosurgeon and economist, both had a strong wish to make a difference to people less fortunate than themselves. They also wanted to do something together that they were passionate about – photography and portraying people with a story. Not an easy challenge when you have a fulltime job, a young family, and live 1,500 km apart… But passion and determination go a long way.

After thousands of hours, numerous travels in and outside Sweden, encounters with Swedish musicians and actors as well as with people they met during their field trip to South Africa, the brothers released two beautiful and inspiring photo books where all the proceeds were donated to Doctors Without Borders.

With the WCAC initiative, Christian and Carl-Johan have proven that we can all make a difference by doing something we are passionate about. Thule and all our friends in Thule Crew share this conviction, and strongly believe that we can all do something to make the world a better place.

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