Thule Crew | Yoshitaku Nagasako

Yoshitaku Nagasako

Our inspiring Japanese BMX star with his goal set on the Olympic games 2016 in Brasil.

Age: 20

Nationality: Japan

Family: Father, Mother, Sister

Sports: BMX race

Best place on earth: Japan :)

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What elements of the nature do you work with/use/profit from in your sport?

We need the dirt to make jumps and rollers in the track. And the sun to light up the track.

Most awesome adventure of your life, so far..?

It  was in 2005 when I was 12 years old. I went to Paris for the world championships. At the last day of of our stay my father told me that I had to go to the Eiffel Tower by myself and take a train and walk around... He just taught me how to take a train and gave me a map. I was afraid to go alone but I made it. He met me and said "Good job" when I arrived and told me that he was following me, just 30 m behind, all the way, but I didn't notice. At the time I couldn't speak English nor French. But that adventure made me strong and now I'm never afraid of travelling around the world!!

Most epic sport experience of your life, so far..?

Of course different BMX races have taken me around the world, to amazing places and have introduced me to amazing people.

Other interests besides your sport?

Tennis, Table tennis, Fishing

What makes you happy?

When I see my family's smile when I come back home after a good race. 
And when I get a lot of 'LIKE' on Facebook and Instagram :)