Thule Crew | Flo Orley

Flo Orley

Snowboard icon who’s been among the top freeriders in the world for more than 15 years.

Age: 37

Nationality: Austrian

Family: Wife Nina, Kids Keano (born 2011) and Momo (born 2012)

Sports: Freeriding, Surfing, Hanggliding, Base jumping, Sailing

Best place on earth: Wherever my family is, plus Alaska for snowboarding and the South Pacific for Surfing.

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What elements of the nature do you work with/use/profit from in your sport?

GRAVITY is our driving force in the mountains, we are fighting it on the way up and using it to perform on the way down. WATER transformed to snow turns 50° rocky faces into the perfect powder playground for freeriding, and allow us to surf waves on mother ocean`s surface. AIR is the toughest to judge element, invisible but still always there, carrying us above the highest peaks in thermals and winds.

Most awesome adventure of your life, so far..?

Crossing the South Pacific with Nina on our sailing catamaran, living a basic life and surfing awesome waves.

Most epic sport experience of your life, so far..?

Looping my hangglider at 5000 meters over Austria`s highest peaks is hart to beat, but doing first descents in Alaska`s Chugach mountains is just as good...

Other interests but your sport?

Traveling is a part of my life, and now that I have a family i am stoked to take them along whenever possible.

What makes you happy?

Challenging experiences in the nature with friends who share the same passion for adventures!