Thule Crew

Many companies partner with top athletes. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be associated with world champions and record-breakers? But while the Thule Crew is certainly made up of outstanding performers who have the talent and drive to push themselves to the limit and beyond every day, there’s more to it than that. They are our friends. Because they champion Mother Nature as much as the human spirit itself.

Respect for nature
By pushing the boundaries in their sports – whether it’s on skis, bike, surfboard or as part of the Thule Adventure Team in a gruelling endurance race – Thule Crew members have developed a deep understanding and respect for nature’s elements.

A shared belief
Together, we share the same belief that an active life outdoors adds real quality to our lives and makes us take better care of the world. When we throw ourselves into our passions, we are truly alive and can feel the world around us… the crystal white snow waiting on the slope below, the silky glide of an early morning kayak paddle, the smell of wet, green leaves as you run in a forest, the freedom of the fresh, sea air as you ride your bike along the shore…

Together with the Thule Crew, we want to help and inspire people to get out into nature more and enjoy these experiences – now and in the future. And that’s more important than all the gold medals in the world.

Find our global team of ambassadors for an active lifestyle outdoors