Thule 住房拖車天棚是您開著住房拖車旅遊的好伙伴。您可以選擇安裝的位置、暗盒顏色、布料加工與各式功能!



Awning accessories

Thule awnings for caravans


您可以選擇採用伸縮手柄,容易展開與收起的手動天棚,或使用遙控或開關輕鬆控制的電動天棚。因為有了 Thule 快拆系統,您可以依照情況放開支撐腳架,避免腳架在安裝時掉落。所有的支撐腳架會以垂直方式落下,減少損壞住房拖車的可能。您可輕鬆使用 Thule Quick Lock 系統,將腳架調整到適當的高度。

Thule awnings for caravans


Thule 天棚配備堅固的張力機械臂,並搭配創新的滾軸管支撐。不僅能讓天棚布拉緊程度適中,同時增加防風力,使用起來更安全。依照天棚的類型,長度從 4.00 公尺起並提供標準或額外的張力機械臂內建拉緊系統,讓布料更加緊繃。為了能讓產品能有最牢靠的表現,所有的天棚都通過各種天候狀況的測試。

Thule awnings for caravans

Attractive design

Thule awnings have a timeless design that perfectly matches your caravan. And depending on the awning you select, you have the choice of different cassette finishes: anodised, white, anthracite or cream.

Thule awnings for caravans

Wide range of accessories

To fit your lifestyle, add different accessories to your camper awning to get more out of it. For example, Thule panels are the perfect solution if you want to create privacy as well as protection from the sun, rain or wind. Or how about getting more outdoor living space by adding a Thule awning tent?

Caravan awnings


近幾年來,Thule 屢獲最佳天棚品牌的肯定,住房拖車廠商則與我們一起合作開發,並認可我們一系列的安裝支架與轉接架。

awning for caravans

Superior materials

All Thule awnings are made of sturdy aluminium profiles that guarantee long-lasting safety and reliability. Our caravan awnings are also tested under the toughest conditions to ensure they surpass current standards.

awning for caravans

High-quality, long-lasting fabrics

Depending on your awning type, you can choose different finishes for your awning fabric. Whatever finish you choose, the top-quality 5-layer PVC fabric is printed on both sides, and coated to keep the fabric colour fixed, watertight, washable and durable. You will also keep cool and safe as the coating even increases UV and heat resistance.