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Cestini per bici

I cestini per bici Thule aggiungono eleganza e uno scomparto versatile alla tua bicicletta. Montali sul portatutto frontale o posteriore, come vuoi!

Thule Pack 'n Pedal Basket

Questo elegante e versatile cestino da bicicletta si aggancia fermamente ai portapacchi frontali o posteriori della bici e offre una grande quantità di spazio per riporre gli oggetti.
74.90 CHF

Designed for space

A Thule bike basket is a great way to get extra storage on the front or back of your bike. Easy to mount on almost all front or rear bike racks, the bike basket gives you room even for larger bags and loads. But what stand out most are the tough yet sleek, space-age design and materials. Because, after all, why shouldn’t it look great too?

What you can expect from a Thule bike basket:

  • Versatile storage on the front or rear of your bike
  • Unique and great-looking appearance
  • Toughness thanks to quality materials and design

Tested for strength and safety

Rest assured that a Thule bike basket will hold your gear securely and stay on your bike safely. Designed and built to last, we nevertheless test our products to really make sure they’re up to the task. At the Thule Test Center™, we test with heavy loads and put them through long-distance simulations as well as exposure to heat, cold, water, and sun. Everything to ensure they do their job for years to come – and keep their great looks while they’re at it.