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Sac à dos de randonnée

Thule Landmark 40L

Explorez le monde avec un sac à dos d’expédition de format pratique pour la cabine de l'avion.



  • Protégez et organisez votre téléphone, vos lunettes de soleil, vos câbles et d’autres petits objets de valeur dans le compartiment à coque rigide SafeZone
  • Gardez votre argent et votre passeport à l’abri des voleurs à la tire dans le compartiment invisible CashStash caché sous le compartiment SafeZone
  • Protégez contre l’usure la ceinture et les sangles d’épaules profilées en les dissimulant lorsque vous ne les utilisez pas
  • Découragez les voleurs grâce aux LoopLocks novateurs en fixant les tirettes au sac. Les tirettes doubles peuvent également être verrouillées (cadenas TSA vendus séparément)
  • Protégez un MacBook® de 15 po et une tablette de 12,9 po grâce au compartiment de rangement à cet effet
  • Les sangles de compression internes et les pochettes de rangement en filet vous permettent de maintenir vos effets en place et de manière organisée
  • La pochette latérale à fermeture éclair maintient une bouteille d’eau et d’autres petits objets solidement en place
  • Conçu pour être conforme aux normes relatives aux bagages à main de la plupart des compagnies aériennes (veuillez toujours vérifier les normes en matière de bagages à main de votre compagnie aérienne avant votre départ)
  • Installez facilement un mousqueton et d’autres objets sur le sac grâce aux points de fixation
  • Offre d’autres caractéristiques de sécurité pour le voyage, notamment un sifflet intégré à la courroie de sternum

Caractéristiques techniques

Couleur Dark Forest
Sexe Hommes
Utilisation Voyage de longue durée
Matériau Polyester Dobby 420D, polyester 600D
Volume 40 L
Dimensions 25 x 33 x 55 cm
Poids 1.44 kg
Numéro de modèle 3203723


Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule s’engage à fournir des produits exceptionnels qui ont fait l’objet de tests de qualité et qui sont garantis contre les défauts de matériaux et de fabrication.

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Pretty much perfect backpack!


I just got back from 9 days in Thailand and needed a bag that would hold everything PLUS be carry-on approved. This bag held everything down tight and I had my laptop inside the computer compartment. Loved all the extras you don't notice until you get the bag. Security features are awesome and I wonder who thought of them because they rock. This bag is has super clean lines when everything is cinched down and made it super easy putting in overhead plane bins, bus bins, on ferry's and carrying on my back when riding a moped. The ability to hide the waist straps is really good. When traveling I saw so many other travelers with waist straps that just hang free. Why is this an issue? When stopping at bathrooms, for example, they put their bags on the floor and the straps are resting on really gross bathroom floors; in Thailand some of the toilets are just holes in the floor and a bucket of water to "flush." My bag straps where neatly tucked away. The top hard case is such an amazing feature and the hidden water bottle compartment. My girlfriend had a similar Northface bag and she keeps bugging me to buy her one of these. Only thing I would change is something I read in another persons review; I'd change the orientation of the top hard safety compartment's zipper. When the bag is laying flat, say on a bed, and the straps for the bag are on the bottom side, if one opens the hard case anything loose will fall out. It's not a big issue at all though. I also bought travel cubes and that made a huge difference. Twice I was stopped by TSA and they searched my bag; travel cubes made it SO easy to put everything back and get on my way! Long story short, do not hesitate to purchase this bag! I never leave reviews but felt this bag deserved it.

Big Guy

Southern California




I took this with me backpacking through Switzerland and Greece! It was absolutely perfect. I love how the zipper opens the middle compartment similar to a suitcase. This feature makes it so much easier to get your belongings out. It prevents digging through everything to find what you are looking for. I picked the 40L since we were only backpacking a week at a time. The size was perfect for me. I am 5'3 and even filled to the max this backpack was not too heavy or big for me. I was able to use this as a carry on with no issue on 4 flights (each a different airline). Oh and the green is awesome! I highly recommend this product!!




OMG just slightly too big for British Airways!


I thought I had found the perfect bag, but alas it is slightly too big on the one dimension for the airline I am flying to Europe on. The British Airways web site says 22in X 14in X 9in, and this bag is 9.8 X 13 X 21.5 in. Such a disappointment as this looks like a fantastic bag, but I'm not going to spend this kind of money for something I have to check because someone at the airport is being a jerk.

Romy from Encinitas

Encinitas, CA


Thule Landmark 40L

3.7 3