Thule samsung cases

Samsung suojakotelot

Samsung-tableteille ja -puhelimille tarkoitetuissa Thule-koteloissa Galaxy™-laitteesi pysyy turvassa kolhuilta ja naarmuilta – tyylikkäästi. Nauti vain seikkailun riemusta!

Suodattimia ladataan

Live without compromise

Wherever you travel, whatever the adventure, you should be able to take your Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet with you, because they’re not just luxuries, they’re often vital tools that make the whole experience possible. This also means they need ultra-safe and secure protection against bumps, bangs, and scratches, not to mention extreme weather. Choose a Thule case or sleeve that gives you the security and peace of mind your adventure demands.

With Samsung cases and sleeves from Thule you get:

  • Tough yet great-looking protection for your phone or tablet
  • Security against accidental impacts and scratches
  • Resilient, non-fading design and materials

Standing the test of time – and impacts

Our Samsung cases and sleeves are designed, built, and tested to give you the protection you and your tablet or phone needs – from the ultimate in hard case security against impacts to softer sleeves that protect against the scratches and smaller bumps and knocks you might encounter in everyday life. At the Thule Test Center™, we ensure the materials can withstand a range of impacts and daily wear and tear as well as the sun, wind, and rain.