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Portabicicletas para techo

Thule ThruRide

El portabicicletas con montaje de horquilla diseñado para ajustarse a ejes pasantes sin necesidad de adaptadores adicionales.



  • Fija bicicletas con ejes pasantes de 12 a 20 mm sin necesidad de adaptadores
  • Fija cubos de liberación rápida de 9 mm con el adaptador sin seguro incluido (el adaptador con seguro se vende por separado)
  • La carga de la bicicleta es sencilla gracias a la mordaza expandible que se adapta al eje pasante de la bicicleta
  • Asegura la bicicleta al portabicicletas y este a los portaequipajes de techo con la cerradura cilíndrica Thule One-Key (se vende por separado)

Especificaciones técnicas

Capacidad de carga 35 lb
Dimensiones 53 x 6 x 3.5 in
Peso 6.2 lb
Se ajusta a secciones redondas del cuadro Todo
Compatible con el eje pasante  ✓ 
Compatible con la horquilla de carbono  ✓ 
Se adapta a portaequipajes de techo con rieles en T de 20 × 20 mm  ✓ 
Se adapta a portaequipajes de techo con rieles en T de 24 × 30 mm  ✖ 
Se ajusta a Thule WingBar Evo  ✓ 
Se ajusta a Thule AeroBlade  ✓ 
Se ajusta a Thule SquareBar  ✓ 
Se ajusta a Thule ProBar  ✓ 
Se ajusta a Thule TracRac - Camioneta  ✖ 
Se ajusta a Thule TracRac - Furgoneta  ✓ 
Compatible con el sistema One Key  ✓ 
Número del modelo 535



Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

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Solid, versatile rack with a few considerations


Nicely made and sturdy rack that is versatile in that it can accommodate either a thru axel or quick release fork. The locking mechanism is easy to use and adjust. One consideration is that there is not much room for larger front brake calipers. My current bike has a 4 piston front brake caliper and it contacts the side of the rack, not enough to keep it from being used but does not clear with much room to spare. Additionally, pay attention to the wheelbase on your bike as the wheelbase maximum for this rack is 48 inches and many modern trail bikes in the larger sizes are often longer than this.


Vail, Colorado


Concerned about security


I just installed my ThruRide rack today, and it is the best carrier I have seen for fork mounting thru axle bikes, and I'm glad that there is a locking fork option for when you want to mount a road bike on this carrier. Having loved and used an Eschelon (discontinued) fork mount rack for years, I'm concerned about how the quality of the ThruRide affects the security of the rack. On the Eschelon, the mechanism that squeezes the fork is metal, and it covers the mounting screws so as long as the metal cover is closed, so the mount to the bike and the mount to the car are secure. With the ThruRide, these parts are plastic, and I am particularly concerned that the locking cam lever that mounts the rack to the car just locks into plastic, and it seems that it would be easy to break that with a pry bar. The lever that squeezes the thru axle is also plastic, but at least it locks into metal, so the locking cam lever seems to be the weakest link. I would like to see a better design with an all metal latch that covers the mounting screws and locks the thru axle and would also take only one, not two, lock cores.


Boulder, CO


Awesome product!!!


Awesome product!

Bike guy

BC, Canada


Thule ThruRide

4.4 8