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Thule HideAway wall mounted awning
Thule HideAway wall mounted awning
Thule HideAway wall mounted awning
Thule HideAway wall mounted awning
A black van is parked near a lake with a pop-up roof and a black Thule Hideaway awning
A family is gathered on the beach with their car parked beside them with an awning mounted.
A man is standing in the driveway by his van with an awning mounted.
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Thule HideAway

wall mounted awning 8.5ft anthracite black


8.5 x 6.5 ft 10 x 8 ft
A lightweight wall mount awning that mounts to flat, vertical surfaces. Flat mount brackets included. Specific adapters available for popular camper vans.
Thule T4200 anthracite
Light weight and corrosion-resistant due to the all aluminum construction
Thule T4200
Easy, one person operation with hand crank and awning supporting tension arms
Awning is perfectly tensioned and wind resistant with the spring-loaded tension arms
Mounting brackets and hardware included for mounting directly to flat vertical surfaces
Direct mount adapters are available

Ubicación de montaje

Pared lateral

Sistema de operación del toldo

Equipo con manivela telescópica manual

Brazos de tensión integrados

Color del cassette del toldo



2.6 m


2 m

Altura máxima de las patas

2 m


17.7 kg

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