Thule Tram

Transforma el portabicicletas de verano en un soporte de invierno para esquís y tablas de snowboard para tu vehículo.



  • Sostiene firmemente esquís y tablas de snowboard con brazos de goma muy suave para sujetarlos sin rayar las superficies
  • Fácil de abrir y cerrar con guantes, gracias a un botón pulsador de gran tamaño
  • Aumenta la capacidad de transporte al llevar los esquís y las tablas de snowboard en posición vertical
  • Para su uso, se requiere el portabicicletas para enganche colgante de Thule (no es compatible con Thule Helium o Thule Helium Aero)
  • Sostiene hasta 6 pares de esquís o 4 tablas de snowboard en soportes de 2" (5,08 cm) para enganches de clase dos. Sostiene hasta 4 pares de esquís o 2 tablas de snowboard en enganches de 1 1/4" (3,17 cm) y portaequipajes Thule Spare Tire
  • Incluye 2 cerraduras para fijar esquís y tablas de snowboard al soporte

Especificaciones técnicas

Capacidad de carga de esquís Hasta 6 pares
Capacidad de carga de snowboards Hasta 4 tablas
Ancho de carga 29 in
Botón de accionamiento extragrande
Fija los esquís al soporte
Número del modelo 9033
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Thule BringIt! GuaranteeThule se dedica a proporcionar productos excepcionales de calidad probada y garantizados contra defectos en materiales y mano de obra.

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Be careful about road salt


I've used this rack a few times over the past winter. The rack installed easily and securely transported 5 pairs of skis and poles. However, the skis get covered in road salt and grime, which wreaks havoc on your edges to the point where I had to have my skis sharpened. I definitely recommend but be sure to immediately wipe down your skis after removing them from the rack, otherwise you will have rusty edges.


Pelham, NY


Love this product!


I use this for snowboards and it works great. Easy to load and lock.

Trevor down the hill

Holmen, WI


Doesn't work well with the Vertex bike carrier


I tried to install a 9033 on a Vertex Swing Away bike carrier. It seemed very makeshift. The ski tram doesn't sit on the bike carrier; the bar closest to the car is a good 1-2 inches off the bike rack. The ski rack attachment to the vertical post attaches at an awkward angle; and the metal on metal connection is a sure thing to scratch and damage the vertical post. There is little to no padding provided. The ski rack comes with an unnecessary amount of assembly required. The engineering tolerances of the holes to assemble the parts is narrow/challenging. All in all this is an "ok" product- seems like a partial fit from mix and match parts.


North Bethesda MD

Thule Tram

3.4 7


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