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Thule Pulse Alpine

La Pulse Box ofrece el espacio adicional que necesita a un precio excelente.



  • El diseño resistente y duradero mantiene el contenido protegido durante el transporte
  • Ajuste rápido y seguro con solo una mano gracias al sistema de montaje rápido FastGrip que se arma en un momento
  • Apertura del lado del acompañante para facilitar la carga y la descarga
  • El sistema CentralLocking brinda la máxima seguridad. La llave Thule Comfort de fácil agarre solo puede retirarse si todos los puntos de cierre están bien cerrados

Especificaciones técnicas

Volumen 11 cu ft
Medidas externas 88.5 x 25.5 x 12.5 cm
Dimensiones internas 82.75 x 23.5 x 10.5 cm
Altura del travesaño 11.3 in
Capacidad de carga 110 lb
Sistema de montaje EasyGrip
Peso 30 lb
Sistema de cierre Central lock
Candados incluidos
Compatible con el sistema One Key
Capacidad de carga de esquís 3-5
Capacidad de carga de snowboards 2-3
Largo máximo de los esquís 210 cm
Soporte para esquís
Se ajusta a AeroBlade
Se ajusta a SquareBar
Color Black
Número del modelo 613
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Slows me down when trying to shred pow.


Transporting Skis and Snowboards. Bought this after 7 years of using an Inno - I was thoroughly disappointed with the Latch/key system. It is awkward and inconsistent (has trouble lining up when the box is full and ices up). No two sided access. Finish on box is rough and hold dirt, i.e. bird excrement. Strap system inside to secure loads is not functional for quick use, if load need to be secured, some time needs to be taken to thread straps around gear.


Whistler BC


Fits VW Vortex Bars


So I actually drove about 2 hours to go pick this bad boy up. I have always been a fan of Thule due to the history behind the company. I decided that my 2013 VW Gti needed a new box after using my Yakima Space Cadet for about 6 years. Like I keep saying, I'm so happy that the "it fits factory bars" actually means it fits them. I have herd horror stories of people not able to get the new Yakima clamps to fit these bars so I began to loose hope. The box is rigid and sleek. It really completes the look of a sporty hatch with the rear spoiler accent that it has on the rear side of the box. Can't wait to us it more! Plus this gives me plenty of space on my rack for J-racks and a bike rack at the same time. Thank you Thule!

Mitchell VanB2

Parkersburg, WV


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


I keep the Pulse Alpine box uptop year round for multiple uses. Was concerned about noise and adverse impact on fuel economy, but those were never an issue. Perfect for keeping the junk out of the trunk!

Easy like Sunday Morning

Austin, TX


Thule Pulse Alpine

4.3 3


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