Portabicicletas para caja de camioneta

Thule GateMate

Almohadilla de portón de 1,3 m (54 pulg.) para camioneta compacta, la protección definitiva para su camioneta al transportar varias bicicletas de montaña



  • El acolchado de espuma protege la bicicleta y la compuerta trasera de la camioneta con vinilo resistente y extra duradero
  • Los "Knock-Blocks" integrados impiden que las bicicletas se deslicen en la compuerta trasera y provoquen daños al vehículo o a las demás bicicletas
  • Bicicletas seguras en el lugar gracias a los puntos de anclaje de las correas integradas
  • La cubierta de la manilla permite un acceso practico a la manilla del portón sin extracción del cobertor
  • Almohadilla ajustada de manera segura a la compuerta trasera con correas de nailon resistentes
  • Disponible en dos tamaños: 823, 137 cm (54 pulg.) para camionetas compactas y 824, 157 cm (62 pulg.) para camionetas de tamaño normal

Especificaciones técnicas

Dimensiones 53 x 2 x 18.5 in
Peso 4.6 lb
Compatible con el sistema One Key
Con seguro para fijar la bicicleta al soporte
Fija el soporte al automóvil
Número del modelo 823



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On New F150 Platinum


As a pad for the bikes, it works. But needs improvement in other areas. The tailgate access is too high making opening the tailgate a tad difficult as you squeeze your fingers under the latch. Second the anchor strap for the down tube needs to be anchored/stitched every 3-4" along the top so that the strap you use cant slide. Lastly, I switched to a pad and ditched my hitch bike rack and instagator for ease of installation, however its not that quick. I do not leave mine on as I have a topper with valuables, so I remove while riding (so I can close the cover) and put back on when we are done. Threading the straps is pain and the middle one is really a pain. I am going to modify the straps with hidden quick release buckle on the inside of the bumper and just two straps on the inside with a hook that will attach to the built in anchor points in the bed. I am marking yes I would recommend to a friend only because it appears they are all the same as far as installation, but Thule, be innovated and don't have a "Like" product but something that stands above the rest.


So Cal


Fits but not functional


It's the only small truck size pad that works with the new tacoma tailgate top girth. Needs a better functional tailgate handle flap. works perfect besides that. Oh last thing, the straps stretchy strap holders ripped the first time using them

Nick Sans

carlsbad ca


gets the job done


The pad works well Just wish it was a more secure fit.


Garden Grove, CA


Thule GateMate

3.0 5


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