Imán adaptador de soporte

Thule Pack 'n Pedal Rack Adapter Bracket Magnet

Accesorio para montar el imán de las alforjas de Thule Pack ’n Pedal en prácticamente cualquier otro bastidor de bicicleta.



  • Ajusta el imán de Thule al soporte adaptador para instalar prácticamente cualquier tipo de bastidor para bicicletas.
  • Diseño versátil que permite usar una variedad de opciones de soportes.
  • Un soporte adaptador incluido en las alforjas Thule; también se venden por separado.

Especificaciones técnicas

Número del modelo 100038


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Good idea but foiled by bad quality


i got the initial adapther with the pack n pedal bag and use it on my non thule rack. Unfortunately, it is made of very low quality plastic. When i tighten the screw to secure the bracket, the plastic pat on the nut breaks. Since i have already invested on the expensive bag, i went ahead and bought a replacement. Bad move... The second piece was worse. Taking the leson from the first mistake, i was very careful to not to overtighten it. But it never seem to be able to be secured properly to the rack. After a week, i tried to tighten it. The screw seem to have siezed. I put some lube and left is for some time. It seem to work to loosen the screw but again the plastic around the screw nut broke again.. I would definitely not recommend this and since it is the adapter that allows the thule bag to be attached to non thule rack, it will be big factor to consider.




Thule Pack 'n Pedal Rack Adapter Bracket Magnet

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