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Portatablas de surf

Con un portatablas de surf Thule estarás listo para perseguir las olas: carga la tabla y ve por ellas. Deja que te recomendemos el portatablas de surf ideal para ti.

Thule SUP Taxi XT

El Thule SUP Taxi XT combina seguridad y conveniencia, lo que lo convierte en el portatablas de Stand Up Paddle más popular del mercado.

Thule DockGrip

Un portakayaks horizontal y versátil con almohadillas grandes y flexibles que se adaptan a una amplia gama de formas de casco así como de tablas SUP.

Thule Sailboard Rack

Portatablas de windsurf seguro y confiable para 1 tabla y hasta 2 mástiles (se ajusta a las barras de carga de aluminio Thule con guía en T).


Be there for the perfect wave

A Thule surfboard rack for cars or pickups is designed to let you load up, head off and get out on the water as quickly and easily as possible. Transport is also safe and secure thanks to sturdy and protective features that make sure your surfboard, SUP or sailboard including mast and sail arrives in perfect shape. All you have to do is unload your board and start making the most of your passion.

  • Safe, secure transportation of your surfboard, SUP or sailboard
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Suitable for most roof racks on the market

Tested for ultimate safety and security

Thule surfboard car racks are tested to make sure your board is transported safely and securely. At the Thule Test Center™, we put our products through crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as exposing them to extreme heat, cold, damp, sunlight and even harsh chemicals. So we know our surfboard, sailboard and SUP racks are up to the job, and you and your board will always get to your destination in great shape.