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Laptop sleeves and cases

Need a laptop case for your MacBook or PC that stands up to the pace of your life? Choose the stylish, fitted Thule case that’s right for you.  

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Thule laptop sleeves and cases

Get a laptop case that truly protects

Just because you’re off on an adventure or running around the city doesn’t mean that you should slow down to take extra care of your laptop – or even leave it at home! With a durable laptop case designed by Thule that has been inspired by our products for the great outdoors, you can focus on what you’re doing with the knowledge your precious MacBook or PC is safe and secure.


When buying a laptop case from Thule you can expect: 

  • Safe yet stylish protection
  • Security for your valuable laptop and its data
  • A choice of hard or soft cases
  • Options for added shock-absorption and water-resistance
  • Thule laptop sleeves and cases

    Safety – and style – that lasts!

    Thule is renowned for testing its products to the limits and beyond at our Thule Test Center and in real life. Our laptop cases and laptop sleeves are no exception, undergoing a variety of tests to ensure protection from impacts and scratches as well as the wind and rain. You can rest assured your laptop case or laptop sleeve will be up to the extreme standards we set. Not only will you get lasting protection for your MacBook or PC but lasting looks from the durable, non-fading materials.

    Thule laptop sleeves and cases

    Thule laptop cases for lasting protection and style

    Thule has poured all its knowledge of protecting and securing precious cargo – from bikes and skis to even kids in strollers and bike seats – into designing cases and sleeves for laptops, tablets, and phones that offer the highest protection for your electronic equipment. Because why shouldn’t your digital life also be adventurous?