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City strollers, backpacks and bike bags

City adventure

Enjoy the city life outdoors with family or friends! Getting to your favorite green spots downtown is a breeze with our city strollers, backpacks, bike trailers and bike bags.

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What stroller accessories do I need?

Finding the right stroller accessories can help make a long day out easier!

How to choose the best child bike seat for your child

Thule child bike seats are ideal for the daily commute or for family adventures.

4 Ways to Make Bike Commuting Easier for You

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Strollers for your lifestyle

Create your moments

Exploring your favorite green spots is a well-earned escape from the pulse of everyday city life. In order to make outdoor city adventures easier, gear that can work well in crowded spaces but also perform in rougher terrain is crucial. We're here to provide just that, so that you can focus on enjoying the company of family and friends.

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