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Thule accessories for vans

Van accessories

Thule van accessories give you freedom and space on the road – not to mention comfort and security too. Find everything you need on your travels!


Thule HideAway - Wall Mount 10 ftThule HideAway - Wall Mount 8.5 ft

Thule HideAway - Wall Mount

A lightweight wall mount awning that mounts to flat, vertical surfaces. Flat mount brackets included. Specific adapters available for popular camper vans.
Thule HideAway - Roof Mount 12.3 ftThule HideAway - Roof Mount 10.7 ft

Thule HideAway - Roof Mount

The light weight, aerodynamic awning designed to integrate perfectly into the roofline of popular camper vans with adapter (sold separately).
Thule OutLand 7.5 ftThule OutLand Awning 8.2 ftThule OutLand 6.2 ft

Thule OutLand

Light weight, manual box awning perfect for compact vans, SUVs and CUVs.
Thule OverCast 6.5 ftThule OverCast 4.5 ft

Thule OverCast

This lightweight awning is quick and easy to set-up and take down, making it ideal for campsites and tailgates.
Thule Sun Blocker G2 Side (2.50 m - Medium)Thule Sun Blocker G2 Side (2.50 m - Large)Thule Sun Blocker G2 Side (2.00 m - Small)

Thule Sun Blocker G2 Side

Side privacy panel for Thule awnings to let the breeze in while keeping the sun out.
Thule QuickFit 3.10 m (Medium)Thule QuickFit 2.60 m (X-Large)Thule QuickFit 3.10 m (X-Large)Thule QuickFit 2.60 m (Medium)

Thule QuickFit

Universal and compact awning tent with an ultra-fast set up.
Thule Range

Thule Range

Specifically designed to handle the tremendous forces on the back of an RV/travel trailer, this carrier is durable, protective and secure.
Thule Van Ladder 9 Steps

Thule Van Ladder 9 Steps

Telescopic ladder for easy access to roof-mounted accessories - safely installed using fixation kit.
Thule Go Box LargeThule Go Box Medium

Thule Go Box

Handy and foldable for easy storage.
Thule Toiletry Kit

Thule Toiletry Kit

Ideal to use in the bathroom or to take along the campsite.
Thule POD 2.0

Thule POD 2.0

The easiest and most discrete way to install your Thule Organizers.
Thule Van LockThule Van Lock

Thule Van Lock

A high quality security lock for rear and sliding side doors.
Thule accessories for vans

Feel free to explore

Going on an adventure in your van can require taking a lot of gear with you. Thule offers a full range of campervan accessories that includes smart storage, security and bike rack solutions to give you more flexibility on what to take and how to get the most out of your journey. Because if you have everything you need, you can focus on what’s important: living in the moment.

Thule accessories for vans

Create outdoor living space

Make the most out of the area around your van when you’ve arrived at your destination. Choose from a wide range of van accessories including awnings, panels and tents to give you extra living space, more privacy and protection from the sun, wind or rain. Not to mention the best seat in the house to watch the sun go down.

Thule accessories for vans

Load up with a roof rack

With a Thule van roof rack, you get even more freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. This flexible roof rack system not only lets you increase your cargo capacity but can be combined with carriers so you can take the gear that lets you live your passion – your bikes, skis, canoes, kayaks or surfboards. Suitable for Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer H2 models.