iPad case

Thule Atmos X3 for iPad mini 4

Hardshell protective armor conveniently nests for uncompromised in-use performance.



  • Dual-density, Bi-ComponentArmor provides anti-shock drop protection
  • Outer shells nest securely for slimline handheld use with full access to camera, ports, and controls
  • Case easily flips from closed to ready-for-use in one simple motion
  • Rubberized inlay for ergonomic grip and non-slip stability on lap or table surface
  • Adjustable viewing and typing angles with superior stability

Technical specifications

Dimensions 6.3 x 0.6 x 8.3 in
Inner dimensions 5.3 x 0.2 x 8 in
Weight 0.53 lb
Color Black
Material Polycarbonate
Model name TAIE-3142
Model number 3203237


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Absolute best comprehensive protection with lowest profile!


This is perhaps the best case for the ipad mini 4 that I have seen on the market. I did a lot of research and looked at several different products from OtterBox, Targus and Speck. None of them provided the coverage and hardness that the Thule case offered. The Thule case is almost like an exoskeleton which fits extremely tightly over the ipad to the point where it feels like a natural extension of the ipad. The front portion is linked by a hinge which allow the top cover to fold completely under the ipad allowing you to hold it as it was intended. I do agree that this hinge could be fortified in future generations. However, if you are reasonably careful when opening the cover, it will not tear. I am extremely satisfied with this hinge and highly highly recommend it. I bought it at Microcenter and they may still have some for sale. Thank you.


Boston, MA


Worst Hinges


I bought this product for my ipad mini two weeks ago, and now it already broken into two parts. Although I used my ipad mini not extensively, still the hinges was easly broken. The hinge itself was made from rubber which deteriorated very easy. The product itself is very good in terms of protecting the ipad mini, as long as it's in closed position (once you open it several times, the hinge will be broken.). Actually I like this product, but the hinges really make this product downgraded.

Ario Adhikari

Jakarta, Indonesia


the best


so I bought this case in 2015. I'm a truck driver so I need something reliable, so reliable to me is something that lasts with me on the road for 6-8 months, NOW 6-8 months in a big truck crossing the country may not seem like a lot but the use this case received would be 2-3 years for someone who carries there ipad with them 3-4 days a week. so I'm at 2.5 years with my case and its been broken for about 9 months now to the point I need to replace it but wasn't willing to wait for warranty. so I'm getting ready to buy a new one because I love this case all the others I looked at to me was annoying in there function. to me this is the best ipad mini case out there.





3.3 4


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