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Jenny Rissveds

Cross Country Mountainbiker

Olympic gold winner in Rio 2016

Born: Falun, Sweden
Year of birth: 1994
Family: Mother, father and brother
Lives now: Falun, Sweden and in Switzerland while training with her MTB team Scott-Odlo
Achievement: Olympic gold winner in Cross country mountainbike in Rio 2016
Strength: The mindset

I am not the best I can be. Not yet.

The victory in Rio de Janeiro might have come as a surprise to the general public, but not to anyone who knows Jenny or keeps track of the mountain bike circus. Her physical abilities are only surpassed by her iron will and work ethics. She spends six months with her team in Switzerland, six months at her home in Falun where her family lives.

Be true to yourself

Jenny said that a lot of people think that mountain bike is not a discipline for women because it requires a toughness they don’t expect to find in women. She loves to prove them wrong. You can paint your nails pink and still be a fast runner. Jenny has that side too, the one who likes to shop and fix herself up after a day on the bike. But she doesn’t care about other people’s opinion, she tries to stay true to herself.

The right kind of will

People say that she’s a talent, that she’s had an easy time learning and that she’s been good at the things she has tried, whether it was soccer or flute. She said that she doesn’t know if you are born with that talent or if it’s the result of having the right kind of mindset, but she’s convinced that her achievements are connected to her goals.

"Somewhere along the line you have to do things for your own sake, otherwise the facade will crack at some point."

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