Thule Quick Loop Strap

Long loop strap provides anchor point for boat and load straps on vehicles without undercarriage attachment points.



  • Boat bow & stern tie-down loops that are fastened inside the vehicle hood or trunk hatch and protrude out through the edge to provide a secure loop to attach tie-downs to.
  • Installs easily by placing under hood or trunk and is secured by the closed lid
  • Sold as a set of two

Technical specifications

Model number 530


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The "Speed-Link" that holds the carrier to the crossbar is attached with a small screw that constantly loosens. If this one screw comes loose, the carrier will fly off the roof. Smallest width is 27 inches making the carrier useless for carrying surfboards or small windsurfers. The gear that locks the strap in place rotates back a small amount before locking, making it nearly impossible to properly tighten the strap. The fixed side of the strap is held with a small pin folded into the end of the strap. The pin is less than 1/3 the width of the strap and it regularly falls out when taking the carrier off the roof. If you don't notice the pin is missing, the strap might appear to be tight but will pop off while driving (very dangerous). The cheap plastic "Speed-Links" wear down and begin wobbling on the crossbar after a couple of uses. It is necessary to always lock the carrier to prevent the latch from popping open while driving. Adjusting the carrier down to the width of the board creates a steep angle in the strap that makes it impossible to close the latch.


Long Island New York


Works well


Holds bike frame in place


Tampa, Fl.


Thule Quick Loop Strap 530

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