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Thule Residence G3 awning tent
Thule Residence G3 awning tent
Thule Residence G3 awning tent
Vehicles parked by a street at the sunset with a Thule Residence G3 Eriba motorhome awning tent.
A van parked by a street with a Thule Residence G3 Eriba van awning tent.
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Thule Residence G3

awning tent Eriba Touring black/gray/white

Special tent model for Eriba Touring caravan in combination with Thule Omnistor 6300 roof awning with 3.25 m length.
Thule Residence G3
Perfect roof sealing thanks to clamping profiles to mount the side panels and connect them with the awning fabric
Front and side panels are combined with black double-shaped profiles for optimal closing
Thule Residence G3
The front panel has a door opening on the right side and can be rolled upwards for easy entrance
Thule Residence G3
A foam with strap guarantees full sealing with the vehicle wall to avoid the wind from entering
Thule Residence G3 Eriba closed
Large windows let in light and create feeling of spaciousness
Thule Residence G3
Both sides and front are made of high quality PVC fabric
Possibility to add accessories in the optional rail at the front panel of the tent
Windslip is included to seal off the bottom of your vehicle



Awning fit

Thule Omnistor 6300

Tent length

3.25 m



Set-up time



PVC fabric


25 kg


Optional accessory


Supplied as standard

Wheel cover

Supplied as standard


Luxury bag

Model number


Accessories for Thule Residence G3 for Eriba Touring