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Laptop bags

Laptop bags

Thule laptop bags let you carry your computer in safety and in style – even when life is fast-paced. Let us help you find the perfect computer bag.

Built for the fast lane

Modern life can be relentlessly fast. But it also means you have to be prepared for the opportunities when and where they appear. Thule laptop bags make sure you and your MacBook® or PC are always ready to move. And give you the tough protection you need to stay quick and mobile. Our computer bags are inspired by our long experience of designing products for an active life outdoors – so you can be confident they’ll never let you down or even slow you down.


A laptop bag from Thule gives you:

  • Safe yet stylish protection
  • Security for your valuable computer and its data
  • Smart storage for your accessories and other gear
  • Choice of features such as hard or soft and weatherproof exteriors