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Thule Spring city stroller
Thule Spring city stroller
Thule Spring city stroller
A woman in blue walks down a cobbled street with a blue Thule Spring compact stroller, holding groceries.
A woman sits on a bench while her child runs around a blue Thule Spring compact stroller.
A compact Thule Spring stroller is folded and stored away beside a clothing rack and chair.
Next to water, a woman walks with her child's hand in one hand, and a folded Thule Spring stroller in the other.
A man on a concrete bridge tends to his baby in a Thule Spring stroller with car seat attached.
A close-up of a toddler smiling in a blue Thule Spring compact stroller.
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Thule Spring

city stroller



Things to see, things to do – and so much to experience! Enjoy it with Thule Spring, the flexible, fun and functional stroller that makes your daily life easier.

Easy strolling, easy living

Comfortable, lightweight and easy to fold with one hand, it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to go. With a compact fold and self-standing capability, it takes up limited space and is a great companion on your travels. The easy step-in footrest and the reclining seat adapt Thule Spring to your child’s needs from morning to nightfall. Canopies with sturdy and refined fabrics provide durability and a sophisticated look. And when you want to expand the functionality of your stroller, you can choose from a wide selection of practical accessories such as Thule Spring Rain Cover, Thule Spring Leg Rest and Thule Spring Car Seat Adapters that make the stroller meet all your needs.

Tested to the limit

At the Thule Test Center™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden, our rigorous internal testing ensures our products can handle the toughest conditions.  After all, our strollers are made for the most important people in the world. Below are just some of the many tests we conduct.
Explore Thule test center
A Thule jogging stroller is being tested in the Thule test center durability test.

Durability tests

Used to evaluate the performance under conditions such as those that might be encountered during use on rough or uneven terrain.
A Thule stroller is being tested in the Thule test center tipping and parking brake test.

Tipping and parking brake tests

Evaluates the stability of the product and its ability to remain upright under various conditions. Also, it checks the product’s ability to hold stationary when it is not in use.
A stroller is being tested in the Thule test center impact test.

Impact tests

This test drops the product down a slope with a specific impact force, in order to simulate the types of forces that might be encountered while the product is in use.
Two people are assessing the materials of a Thule newborn stroller.

Only the safest materials

All our strollers and accessories are made of textiles and materials free from harmful substances, so that you can feel confident using them with your newborn.
Quick and simple to fold with one hand when carrying a child
Compact fold and self-standing capability make for easy carry, transportation, and storage
One-hand adjustable sliding handlebar for a perfect fit
Swiveling front wheel with suspension that can be locked into a fixed position for a comfortable ride anywhere
Vented canopy with see-through mesh for peekaboo feature gives your child a pleasant ride in any weather (canopy selected separately)
Reclining seat for comfort and on-the-go naps
Step-in footrest makes it easy for older children to climb into the stroller on their own
Adjustable canopy with integrated extension that shields from low sun and provides UPF 50+ UV protection (canopy selected separately)
No-puncture foam filled 8,5” tires for a smooth ride on a rougher surface
Five-point harness for a secure ride
Thule Spring length and height in cm
Thule Spring stroller width and wheel diameter in centimetres
Thule Spring length and height in cm (folded)
Thule Spring width in cm (folded)
Thule Spring length and height in cm
Thule Spring width and wheel diameter in cm
Thule Spring length and height in cm (folded)
Thule Spring width in cm (folded)

Max child weight

22 kg

Max stroller weight capacity

29 kg

Folded dimensions

32 x 45 x 76 cm


9.5 kg

Door pass through

59.5 cm

Safety harness


Meets safety standards



Spare parts
Thule Spring Product film with all features
Thule Spring Change of Canopy
Thule Spring Car Seat Adapter

Accessories for Thule Spring