• Introducing Thule Caprock – a roof platform for all your adventures!
  • Check out our new rear cargo carrier Thule Arcos!
A woman rides a her bike through the rugged Icelandic countryside with a Thule Vital hydration pack.


From long expeditions to relaxed days on the trail, Thule's biking gear has you covered every step of the way.
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A man stands next to his vehicle with a bike rack parked next to the mountains.

Bike racks

See our large range of carriers for your bike

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Thule Courier

2-seat kids cargo bike trailer

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Thule UpRide

roof top bike rack wheel mount black/aluminium

Two parents stroll in the sun down a city street rolling their bike trailers for kids.

Bike trailers for kids

Stroll, bike, and jog with these child bike trailers!

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A mountain biker is biking down a trail with a hydration hip pack.

Hydrations packs

We have hydration backpacks for every bike adventure

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Thule Rail

hip pack 4L dark slate gray

A cyclist fixes a bike that is on a bike stand next to a bike gear bag.

Bike gear bags and travel cases

Traveling with your bike has never been easier

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