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Tepui Anti-Condensation Mat anti-condensation mat
Tepui Anti-Condensation Mat anti-condensation mat
Tepui Anti-Condensation Mat anti-condensation mat
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Thule Anti-Condensation Mat Ayer, Low-Pro 2

2-person anti-condensation mat bedding black


Ayer/Low-Pro Kukenam/Autana 3
Have you ever woken up in a warm tent after a cold night, and experienced that the walls feel almost wet? That’s condensation–a natural phenomenon that happens when moisture in the air hits the cold walls or floor of the tent and turns to liquid as it cools.

Mat that provides ventilation to allow moisture to escape

The air inside your tent can fill with moisture from several sources-- your breath, wet clothes and gear, or humidity in the air.

This moisture naturally condenses on cold surfaces and can collect under your tent’s mattress. If the tent is not properly dried out, mold or mildew can form on the underside of the mattress.

The anti-condensation mat creates airflow that allows moisture to escape and helps keep your mattress in good condition. It is made of a high quality spacer mesh material that creates ventilation between the mattress and the base and also provides an extra layer of comfort by adding another centimeter of cushion below your mattress.

Helps prevent moisture from accumulating under your mattress to prevent the development of mold and mildew
Mattress size: 48" x 84", 122cm x 213cm


Thule Tepui Ayer 2



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