Multisport Trailers

With Thule multisport trailers, you and your kids can share your passions, whatever the season and wherever you want to go. Whether it's strolling, biking, jogging, or cross-country skiing.

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The flexible training partner

4 Activities. 4 Seasons. 1 Carrier.
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Thule Chariot Sport

Your stylish training partner that follows you anywhere, urban or outdoor. Made from premium materials, the lightweight Thule Chariot Sport lets you enjoy your time together with your child. Switch between activities quickly and easily - and let your child ride in comfort in the fully padded seat that reclines for on-the-go-naps. Kit for biking and strolling included.

Thule Chariot Cross

Thule Chariot Cross gives you the freedom to enjoy outdoor adventures with your child. It is designed for active families who want a versatile, tough, and stylish carrier, and who love being outdoors all year round. Switch between activities easily – you’ll get going in no time! Kit for biking and strolling included.

Thule Chariot Lite

Thule Chariot Lite is easy to use and easy to bring with you. It is a stroller for everyday use, and also a multisport trailer that in one simple step transforms the stroller into a city-jogger, a bike trailer, or a ski pull.

Thule Chariot Cab

Thule Chariot Cab is the ideal everyday carrier for families on the go, whether it’s to and from day care, to the grocery store and back or a trip to the park. The robust construction makes it tough enough to battle daily wear and tear as well as changing weather conditions. Kit for biking and strolling included.

Bike trailers

Thule Coaster XT

Thule Coaster XT

Durable bicycle trailer that provides a safe, comfortable ride and easily transforms to a stroller once you reach your destination.

Which multisport trailer is right for me?
While they share many features, there are a few key differences between our bike trailers.

Thule Chariot Sport is the ultimate trailer, jogger, and stroller with great performance, comfort, and style for athletes and their kids. Thule Chariot Cross is an all-round trailer, jogger, and stroller with comfort and flexibility for families with an active lifestyle.  Thule Chariot Lite is a lightweight trailer, jogger, and stroller, designed for everyday activities while Thule Chariot Cab is a perfect commuter trailer.

How old can my kids be in a bicycle trailer?
All our child bike trailers are made to be flexible and to allow for growing kids. They are made to transport one or two kids up to a total weight of 22kg per kid.

Do the multifunctional trailers have ventilation? What about sun protection?
Yes, all our trailers for kids have ventilation with fabric that provides UV protection (UPF 50+). Thule Chariot Sport also has a Climate Control Cockpit with removable windows and multi-position sunshade.

What are your thoughts on sustainability?
We make multisport trailers with a superior quality that can be used for a long time, and we strive to create timeless modern designs, to encourage their use for many years to come. We continuously analyze materials used, production methods, usage and recycling potential to limit our products’ impact on the climate and environment during their lifecycle, without our needing to compromise on safety, quality, function or lifespan.

What accessories are compatible with my bike trailer?
All our child bike trailers come with a wide range of accessories that let you make the most of your time with your child. See our accessory compatibility chart! 

Thule Chariot

Bring your kids

Ever since we made our first multisport trailer 25 years ago, we’ve believed that sharing an active lifestyle with your kids should be fun, easy, and hassle-free. Now we’re taking our successful carriers to the next level, making it even easier and more fun to be active outdoors and bring your kids along. Biking, strolling, running, or cross-country skiing – all it takes is a Thule Chariot.

Thule multisport bike trailers

4 seasons, 4 activities, 1 carrier

The Thule Chariot multisport trailers are designed and developed with a focus on safety, comfort, and innovation. They come with a range of clever features and smart details that truly make a difference, for both parent and child. Explore the brand-new Thule Chariot series, with four versatile and stylish carriers, in both single and double versions.

Thule multisport trailers

What do you want to do today?

With a multisport trailer from Thule, the choice is yours. Take your child or children on everyday commutes or on a long, afternoon’s voyage of discovery. Convert it to a stroller around town, or head out for a jog in the great outdoors. You can even create a sled for when you want to ski cross-country. Whatever activity you choose, your kids can be with you and share your passion. Safely and comfortably.


When you buy a multisport trailer from Thule, you get: 

  • Versatility for many different activities and distances
  • Safe, secure, and comfortable ride for 1 or 2 children
  • From heavier-duty all-rounders to sporty models with extra comfort
  • Smart features and storage options 
Thule Test Center

Safety first. And last.

Both our multisport trailers and bike trailers are designed and built for performance on the road and in rough terrain. Your child will always enjoy stability and comfort with a suspension that smoothens the ride. And you can rest assured that every Thule bicycle trailer satisfies the most stringent child and road safety standards with features such as a 5-point safety harness ensuring your child is sitting securely. So you’re both free to enjoy life in the fresh air.

Thule bike trailer

What’s your style? What color? 1 or 2 kids?

Thule bike trailers and multisport trailers come in a range of different models from more rugged designs for everyday activities and urban use to high-performance models for the active outdoor family. And there is a choice of models that will seat two kids so that everyone can come along for the ride. Explore the range and find the Thule multisport trailers or bike trailer that’s perfect for you.

Multisport and bike trailers

Thule multisport and bike trailers are more than just trailers for 1 or 2 kids. Stylish, safe and very versatile, you can bike, stroll, jog, or ski.


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