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Paddle board carriers, kayak car racks and duffle bags

Paddle & Surf

Exploring a remote lake in the mountains? Or paddling down your local river with friends? No matter what you prefer, Thule helps you get out on the water with our canoe & kayak car racks, or our SUP, paddleboard & surfboard carriers.

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Adventure begins at the water's edge

Paddle out to catch the next big swell or just to unwind on smooth waters. Whatever your preference, we can get your SUP or surfboards wherever you want to go. With Thule SUP, paddleboard & surf racks or roof rack pads, you can transport your boards with ease.

Grab a Paddle

Load up and get close to nature. Thule kayak racks and canoe racks make it quick and easy to transport your boats anywhere you want to go. Not only that, but you can keep all your gear organized both on and off the river in Thule Chasm sport duffel bag.


Do you agree with the man who’s surfed the biggest wave ever surfed?

Follow Garrett McNamara to Lofoten, Norway, and get to know the man inside the wet suit.

Kayaking for Beginners

Get out on the water with the help of our tips and tricks!

Pedro Oliva’s Dream Adventure

Pedro Oliva, whitewater kayak adventurer, shares his favorite water adventures.

How to Paddle Board – SUP Tips for Beginners

Get out on the water with these simple tips on how to stand up paddle board!

Remember the roof rack!

An important part, but easy to forget – roof racks. With Thule car roof racks you can make life a little easier and use several of our products on your car on your outdoor adventures.

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