Bike trailers for commuting

Thule bike trailers for commuting, like Thule Chariot Cab, are perfect for family commutes or fun weekend bike trips. Thule Courier even switches from a child bike trailer to a bike cargo trailer, or a dog bike trailer with an optional kit.

Our strolling kits are included and convert your bike trailer into a stroller to fully explore your surroundings with your child. Other optional accessories help you make the most of your bicycle trailer.


A man stands next to an orange building looking at his kid in a Thule Coaster XT child bike trailer

Thule Coaster XT

The value for money bike trailer

This bike trailer includes:

  • Biking and basic strolling kit​
  • Adjustable handlebar​
  • Simple compact fold​
  • Extra storage compartment
A close up of a child inside a Thule Courier child bike trailer

Thule Courier

The versatile bike trailer for active family life

This bike trailer includes:

  • Biking and premium strolling kit
  • Flip flat technology converts the bike trailer into a cargo trailer
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Simple compact fold
  • Adjustable rain and mesh cover

Optional dog trailer kit accessory converts Thule Courier into a dog trailer

A woman bikes down a city street with the Thule Chariot Cab bike trailer

Thule Chariot Cab

A robust and roomy trailer for daily commute

This bike trailer includes:

  • Biking and premium strolling kit
  • Ventilation vents and light
  • Suspension
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Simple compact fold
  • Reclining seat
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Dedicated cargo space
  • Robust design with hard floor and more than 100 liter XXL cargo space

Optional all terrain wheel and cross-country skiing kit converts the trailer into an all terrain stroller/ski pulk


Thule Chariot Infant Sling Installed
Thule Chariot Infant Sling
infant sling gray
Thule Footmuff Sport Installed Black
Thule Footmuff Sport
footmuff sport black
Thule Chariot Brake Installed
Thule Chariot Brake Kit
brake kit black
Thule Bottle Cage
Thule Bottle Cage
bottle cage black/aluminium
Thule Chariot Lock Kit
Thule Chariot Lock Kit
lock kit black
Thule Storage Cover 20100784
Thule Storage Cover
storage cover black
Which bike trailer accessories do I need?
A father leans down to his toddler who is standing beside a bike and a Thule bike trailer for kids.

For extended bike usage

Want to get the most out of your Thule bike trailer? Thule Axle mount ezHitch makes it possible to easily move your cycling-ready carrier from one bike to another – great if two parents use the trailer! Thule Bike adapters simplify using the bicycle trailer kit, with any bike type you want.
A close-up of a baby holding a toy rabbit smiling inside a Thule baby bike trailer.

For child comfort

Make it comfy and cozy for your kids, and they will love riding with you in the bike trailer! There are several accessories that make life in the bike lane even better. If you want to get a head start, you’ll need the Thule Chariot Infant Sling for your baby's lateral support and maximum stability. For kids 6-18 months old, Thule Baby Supporter adds padded sides and head support to ensure your baby sits comfortably upright. Thule Chariot Padding increases comfort and Thule Footmuff or Thule Footmuff Sport adds that extra warmth for colder days.
A man sits in the grass next to a yellow Thule Chariot Sport bike trailer with a Thule Orginzer sport accessory and a woman faces him with a baby on her lap.

For added convenience and storage

Your life pattern is yours alone – personalize your bike trailer to make it perfect for both busy times and leisurely days! Thule Chariot Brake Kit is a hand activated band brake that increases control of your Thule Chariot. Thule Chariot Lock Kit lets you lock the trailer to the bike for that extra safety. Add a water bottle attachment with Thule Bottle Cage and bring the gear you need with Thule Cargo Rack. For busy training days, Thule Organizer Sport adds a zippered pocket and built-in cup holder to your Thule child carrier. Sometimes, though, you do need a break. Thule Storage Cover is a durable fabric cover that protects your Thule child carrier while not in use.