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Mountain Bike, road bike and products for biking with kids

Get geared up for your bike adventure

Go for a short ride or take a weekend trip. Make your city biking easier and have fun biking with your kids! Explore our products for your mountain bikes, road bikes and your commuting.

Ready for a challenging mountain bike trail?

Load up your bikes and go for that special ride. Get away easily with a bike rack carrier! Thule hydration packs are expertly designed for serious mountain bikers.

Get on the road in no time

With a bike rack for your car, you can bring your road bikes anywhere, mounted on your roof, hitch, towbar, or on your boot. Are you ready to go?

Commuting made easy

Thule panniers or bike bags are perfect for bringing all your gear. Need to bike with your kids? Our child bike seats or our bike trailers are perfect for your daily commute or for family adventures.

Remember the roof rack!

An important part, but easy to forget – roof racks. With Thule car roof racks you can make life a little easier and use several of our products on your car on your outdoor adventures.

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